Uganda Baati Launches 60 yrs Anniversary Campaign Celebrations

Founded in 1964, Uganda Baati has been at the forefront in the steel manufacturing industry, introducing numerous advancements and achieving many firsts in Uganda and the region.

It was the first company in the East African region to set up an ultra-modern Continuous Galvanizing line.

While addressing the media at the launch, the Board of Directors Chairperson, Dr. Alan Shonubi recounted the history of Uganda Baati’s journey since 1964.

“Our journey goes back to the 1960’s, in Tororo, as a business entity called Steel Works Company.

The steel and aluminum industry was so lucrative then with minimal competition to the point where demand for aluminum and steel products was greater than the supply.

This led to the introduction of the first steel roll former machine in the company where we manufactured, and supplied different aluminum and steel products which even included saucepans,” Dr. Alan said.

“This went on for a while, before the setback in early August 1972 when the former President of Uganda Idi Amin ordered the expulsion of the Indians, giving the Asians 90 days to leave the country leaving several businesses and properties to be redistributed amongst the locals.

As the events turned out, Idi Amin was overthrown and H.E Yoweri Kaguta Museveni invited the expelled Asians to return bringing back the vibrancy of the once-booming businesses in Uganda,” he recounted.

Dr. Alan Shonubi further noted, “We were the first in the East African region to install an ultra-modern Continuous Galvanizing line, a testament to our commitment to technological innovation and excellence.

We became the first to introduce the ZincAL coating technology for all its roofing sheets to give the consumer the benefit of the product.”

Uganda Baati’s resolve has remained unshaken, its vision clear, and its commitment to customers and community unwavering. Amon attributed this to the support from the shareholders, government, stakeholders, and its loyal customers.

Amon Aruho, the Head of Human Resources at Uganda Baati said, “there are a number of factors, that have kept us in business for this long and some of which is the support of our shareholders, government, stakeholders, and customers.

It is clear that all these have played a crucial role in ensuring that we uphold our standards and commitment in providing a sustainable roof over each household in Uganda. Therefore, the 60 years is not just about a celebration, but a reinforcement of our commitment to the community that has been integral to our story.”

The company has navigated through economic fluctuations, changing government policies, shifts in consumer preferences, and other global challenges like the recent pandemic.

The 60 years’ anniversary celebrations will be phased out in four themes during the year; Uganda Baati in the past, community, economy, and in the future.

“We shall be collaborating with various stakeholders and engaging in various activities as we continue to tell our story, celebrate our history, highlight our impact and contributions,” Amon noted.

Uganda Baati’s impact extends beyond the provision of trusted building solutions; it has been instrumental in job creation, with hundreds of Ugandan’s employed directly and thousands more benefiting indirectly through its extensive distribution network.

Furthermore, through strategic partnerships and technological advancements, the company has consistently pioneered new products and services, setting benchmarks in the steel manufacturing sector.

Uganda Baati Limited is a Safal Group member, the largest steel roofing company in Africa.

Founded in 1964, Uganda Baati was the first company in the East African region to set up an ultra-modern Galvanizing line.

With branches in Tororo and Arua and 13 Showrooms across the country, Uganda Baati is the country’s leading manufacturer and supplier of roofing sheets and allied building products.

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