Gulu: Students Shot Dead Over Manchester United Loss

By DailyNewsUG Correspondent Gulu, Northern Uganda |DailyNewsUG| Two students are reportedly feared dead after a deadly strike which occurred last night on Sunday, 6th March 2022 at Gulu Central Highschool.

This followed the school authorities denying students an opportunity to watch the Manchester Derby which ended 4:1 in favor of Manchester City.

According to the area Local council chairperson, tension and unrest ensued in the evening hours when the tight fixture was due at 7:30pm before school authorities invited police to calm down the situation.

However, the students charged with stones and all manner artillery started pelting stones and sharp objects at the school administration and property which prompted the police at the premises to call for backup from the military..

Students however shifted their anger from the school authorities to the armed forces who then fired teargas and live amunition to the charging students.

About 2 students are reportedly have been shot at in the scuffle and scores injured.



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