Siniya concedes friendly defeat to Chaapa

By Charles Dickens

Following a Sunday morning heavy down pour, Chaapa league fixtures were adjusted to allow room for drying of the NEC pitch Bugolobi but there was no room for postponement of the games.

Siniya players.

At the end of the Chaapa league fixtures were two friendly games between Chaapa legends and their young bulls against Kigezi College Butobere old boys of the same order.

Kigezi College Butobere picked their team from their alumni groups while organized Chaapa chose from the teams playing in their league.

Young Siniya spirits pause for a photo before the match.

Reporters and scouts came with some key talking points.. 

1. Kigezi College Butobere came prepared for the games and had stronger teams despite their losses. The first game between legends ended 1:0 in favor of the hosts while the second game ended 3:2 still favoring the hosts.

Results for Game 2

2. The Mbarara Highschool teams had pavilions packed with fans and they were so supportive of both teams, promoting the unity of the schools. So to say, the purpose of the games was achieved.

3. Siniya league will be a very interesting one, full of talent and drama in the days to come following the solidarity and talent showcased today.

4. There was maximum discipline ensued by the players and supporters. A few yellow cards came up and both teams ended with notorious booked characters but they had the best fair play through the fixtures.

Results for Game 1 

5. While a defeat is hard to accept, Siniya legends claim to have played the young bulls instead of the legends and vice versa, but the hosts were determined to win both.

Most Siniya Old boys are happy and in love with the development. Most of them have promised to rally and mobilize their classes for the league yet to come.

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