Proposal To Remove Bail Should Be Put Under Referendum – Lord Mayor Lukwago Advises M7

Lord Mayor Erias Lukwago has become the second voice to call upon the President to advise President Tibuhaburwa Museveni on the new proposal to scrap bail and bond for suspects accused of committing capital offences.

Lukwago has urged the ruling government to hold a referendum on the right to bail.

“It is sad that the whole government is now tinkering with the law to suit one’s interest,” he said.

The Lord Mayor went ahead and added that if they are to bring some amendments, they should instead be improving the rights of people.

“Most of the amendments especially those under the bill of rights, require a referendum. Clearly the enjoyment of rights are interconnected,” he noted.

“The new amendments are about fundamental rights and the public should be consulted in a plebiscite,” Lukwago said warning that the people pushing the amendments will soon find themselves in a trap.

“It defeats the whole purpose of presumption of innocence and pre-trial rights,” he stated.

President Museveni has continued to insist on scrapping bail for presumed capital offenders.
The proposal however has attracted condemnation from the judiciary, lawyers, politicians and activists.

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