NEMA Clears Speke Hotel Conglomerate Over False Reports of Apparent Dumping of Soil in Lake Victoria

"Speke Resort didn’t dump soil in Lake Victoria" -NEMA, as The Hotel Group absolved of False Media Allegations

By DailyNewsUG Environmental Correspondent

While inspecting the site, located in Katabi town council in Entebbe, the NEMA team confirmed the developer did not dump soil into the lake as allegedly purported by some media platforms.

According to the NEMA assessment conducted on Wednesday, March 9, 2022, the developer was clearly following the guidelines by NEMA as per the issued EIA certificate (Environmental Impact Assessment) in 2019.

NEMA Environmental Executives undertaking a Site Visit with Speke Hotel Group Engineers

As part of their assessment, NEMA officials further proposed some minor adjustments after inspecting and reviewing the proposed master plan design of the Resort noting that the buffer distance between the hotel block and the water lines reduced by 10 metres due to the raising water levels.

NEMA suggested that the hotel block should be adjusted with additional 10 metres making 20 metres from the existing water shore line.

In addition to the above, the NEMA team also advised the developer to reposition the waste treatment plant to another location within the area of development.

NEMA Team consult the blue-print demarcations to ensure that Speke Hotel Group in sync with NEMA Shoreline Policy Guidelines

Since the development is a recreation facility the developer has to enforce a strong solid waste management team to keep the environment eco-friendly.

NEMA officials also confirmed that all the necessary applications processes was done and approved by NEMA hence the project has been operating within the legal confines of the environmental laws.

The Joint Team of NEMA & Speke Group of Hotels

According to NEMA, once the above mentioned proposed changes are incorporated, the multibillion Resort project will have a huge impact on the economy by increasing the country’s revenues through its state-of-the-art facilities that will significantly promote the hospitality industry which will be important for Uganda’s development as a whole and the community youth livelihoods through employment opportunities the project will create.

The developer welcomed the assessment from NEMA as a positive direction towards the project development and promised to have the suggestions raised by the NEMA officials adjusted and incorporated in the design.


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