Molly Katanga Finally Enters Court & Is Dispatched to Luzira Maximum Prison

By DailyNewsUG Correspondent

The 55-year-old today has been wheeled into Nakawa Magistrate courts in a wheelchair to face charges pertaining to her participation in the shooting death of her Husband. Molly Katanga is accused of shooting her Husband Henry Katanga to death on 2nd November 2023.

Today, she has been incarcerated at Luzira Maximum Security Prison, the only maximum security prison in the country that houses hardcore death row inmates in the country.

Nakawa Court reigned over by Chief Magistrate Elisa Kakooza is the one that issued the warranty of arrest that hauled Molly out of International Hospital Kampala (IHK), a 100-bed private hospital where had been “playing hide and seek” with Uganda Police Force and Courts of law.

Nakawa Chief Magistrate Court where she was brought has no power and dominion to try her murder case. What happened was that her charges were merely conveyed and read to her.

The Prosecution Team was marshaled by Jonathan Muwaganya, a Chief State Attorney, Directorate of Public Prosecutions who communicated to Court that evidence had been collected, investigations done and over with and what was left was present her to High Court to answer for her crimes.

Evidence that will be used against Molly Katanga was read out by Prosecutor Jonathan Mugwanya.

Molly Katanga was represented by Seasoned City Lawyer Peter C.R. Kabatsi from Kampala Associated Advocates (KAA), a top tier law firm.

Peter Kabatsi requested that an order to Uganda Prisons Service be issued so that his Client Molly Katanga keeps getting specialized treatment from her Medical Team.

Molly’s Lawyer Mr. Kabatsi made a further request that the residence of the accused Molly Katanga had been sealed off since November 2023 and that he humbly he seeks that Molly’s Family be allowed to access their home.

Macdusman Kabega a.k.a ‘The Devil’s Advocate’ is also on Team representing Molly Katanga, asked Court to Order Police to leave the Molly’s home since investigations were complete and evidence had been collected. Macdusman Kabega is famous for successfully handling the most difficult criminal cases and getting his clients off the hook.

Magistrate Kakooza has instructed Uganda Prisons Service to let Molly continue getting her medical treatment.

He also directed that the Family be allowed to access their home.


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