Leading City Club Manager Gordon taking Isabella Lounge & Club Ntinda to Greater Heights

By Charles Dickens

By Charles Dickens

Every big project has had big minds behind it, right from the idea generation, through implementation and execution and thus project management.

Isabella Lounge gardens

Big names are attached to complete projects as big and relevant names remain memorable in praise of successful projects.

The entertainment industry of Uganda is not as entertaining as would be without entertainment centers and these include but are not limited to big bars and night clubs. Isabella Restaurant, bar, longue and spa is both.

Manager Gordon and Ms. Isabella at the construction site in 2019.

The foundation stone of the now biggest restaurant was laid not far back but around 2019 and a certain gentleman, later to be known as manager Gordon was present.

Foundation of Isabella Restaurant, lounge and spa.

He recalls the area full of shrubs and certain huge fruit trees which served the community.

Gordon would later become a project manager, or foreman at the site during the construction of the current Isabella restaurant and it’s from this time he would impress the owners to become the manager for all the years.

With a track record of managing bars like Chambers,High Table, Levasta Traders limited, Moon Burg, among other Ugandan bars.

Manager Gordon would later act as a think tank during the construction of Isabella lounge with circulated advise on certain features of the project, with relevant consultations with the engineer and the bar owner.

Manager Gordon on duty at Isabella Bar on a busy day during the Anniversary celebrations week in January 2022.

On Top of a successful management career, Manager Gordon is a professional Marketer with a degree of Bachelor of Science in Marketing from Makerere University Business School (MUBS).


Isabella, Restaurant, lounge and bar officially started on 31st January 2020 and manager Gordon was present.

He recalls, start ups and hardships throughout the whole process and blames Covid-19, a universal problem for causing a stunted growth in their development during that time.

On 18th March 2020, the country went into lockdown that would run for a period of 1 year and 9 months without any formal legalized operations of bars and other specified economies.

This is the hardest period a 2month old Isabella Restaurant had to encounter and through the process, the bar was grappling with losses in stock, debts and revenue challenges. Most employees had to lose their jobs as a result and this was to create a new labour force.

Just like any other professional Manager of the Gordon callibre, Manager Gordon would later scale down operations of Isabella Restaurant to Restaurant works for business to continue.

This was challenging because most people were always in their homes during lockdown and due to strict conditions, a few would come in. Management set a standard in their operations and their menu has always kept better than was before and thus capitalized on referrals and maximum advertisement.

Manager Gordon and staff have ensured maximum hygiene and neatness at Isabella Restaurant over the years and continue to make it a safe rendezvous.

With a government lift on lockdown as at 1st January 2022, Isabella Restaurant, lounge and bar has consistently pulled the vibe high and continues to be one of the best Restaurants and Hangouts in Ntinda and surrounding areas.

Celebrities that turned up to DVJ Mercy Pro’s birthday party at Isabella Lounge.

Manager Gordon and team have consistently managed a week long fun-filled entertainment hosted by the biggest MCs and DJs. The most notable Tv personalities that have so far hosted nights at Isabella lounge include MC KATS, DVJ Mercy Pro, Sheila Salta, celebrated bands like Gin Afric, Janzi band and artistes like Nava Grey, Lillian Mbabazi and other surprise guests.

Manager Gordon engaging an NBS TV journalist at Isabella Restaurant during the lockdown..

You may not have been to any happening place if you haven’t visited Isabella Restaurant under Manager Gordon’s watch.

Manager Gordon boasts leading a team of about 45 employees today and over 100 employees before lockdown in February 2020.

He also boasts linking Isabella to the media world so far and recalls hosting Saturday Night Live (SNL) Program of NBS television. A number of online and print media influencers are Still vital to the progress and he Champions the cause.

A Saturday Night Live NBS TV program that was hosted at Isabella lounge.

Amongst his regrets and challenges at work so far is operating for 2 months and Lockdown comes in…


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