Kenya Buys Half Its of Month of August Sugar from Uganda

By DailyNewsUG Business Correspondent

Kenya bought half of its imported sugar from Uganda in August, making Nairobi a leading destination for Kampala’s exports during the month.

Data from the Sugar Directorate shows that Uganda exported 9,739 tonnes of sugar worth Sh1.3 billion, accounting for 56 percent of the 17,590 tonnes of the commodity that Kenya imported during that month.

In July, Kenya did not import any sugar from Uganda, as the imports mainly came from Zambia, Mauritius and Zimbabwe as the sole suppliers of the sweetener.

Kenya relies on sugar imports from the regional countries and Uganda was the favourite market source for the commodity.

“Comesa Free Trade Area (FTA) countries supplied 8,030 tonnes to Kenya while Comesa non-FTA countries supplied 2,000 tonnes. EAC, specifically Uganda, supplied 9,739 tonnes. 17,590 tonnes was imported from non-Comesa countries,” said the directorate. “In August 2022, Uganda was the leading supplier of mill white/brown sugar (56 percent), while Thailand supplied 80 percent of total white refined sugar,” it added.

Uganda exported more goods to Kenya and South Sudan in August compared to any other country, according to Uganda’s Ministry of Finance data with sugar emerging as one of the top exports.

Exports worth $64.67 million were shipped to Kenya $61.28 million and $64.07 million exports went to DRC and South Sudan, respectively.


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