Israeli Forces Pound Rafah as Truce Talks Stall

By DailyNewsUg Foreign News Correspondent,

Israel intensifies attacks on Rafah, killing at least 22 Palestinians. The bombings come after Hamas fired rockets at the Karem Abu Salem crossing, killing three Israeli soldiers.

The latest round of negotiations for a ceasefire in Gaza has ended in the Egyptian capital Cairo, but crucial gaps remain between Israel and Hamas.

The Israeli cabinet has voted unanimously to close Al Jazeera’s operations in the country. The communications minister says the orders against the network “will go into effect immediately”. Al Jazeera calls the move a “criminal act that violates human rights”.

At least 34,683 Palestinians have been killed and 78,018 wounded in Israeli attacks on Gaza since October 7. The death toll in Israel from Hamas’s October 7 attacks stands at 1,139, with dozens of people still held captive.

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