How Can Someone Earning Salary Of Shs. 400,000 Send Me Bribe Of Shs. 40m?

Embattled Ministry of Lands staff transferred from Wakiso district lands offices are secretly preparing for a deadly demonstration over the actions of junior lands minister Dr. Sam Mayanja.

Two weeks back, Mayanja took a political decision as a Minister concerned with the land dockets in the Ministry of Lands, Housing and Urban Development and transferred over 30 staff over corruption, fraud and abuse of office.

The Minister told theGrapevine that his decision was taken after he received numerous complaints from the public over corruption tendencies among some top Wakiso lands office staff.

The complainants told the Minister that Wakiso land’s office staff connive with brokers to defraud innocent Ugandans.

However, sources at the ministry have revealed that the embattled staff met with the technical heads of departments at the ministry and a decision was taken to demonstrate at Wakiso district land offices.

“He acted on speculation; he doesn’t have any evidence against us. The minister acted out of the law because that’s not the way public servants are punished,” one of the embattled staff said.

However, when contacted, Minister Mayanja said that he is not aware of the move.

He however warned those planning to demostrate not to be tempted to riot or go to court because he followed the law in all his actions.

“Who told you that public servants cannot be transferred, sent for further education or put on suspension as a sign of punishment for a mistake done?” Mayanja asked.

He added that he has enough evidence pinning the said staff including how they have been using brokers who have been pretending as Kiosk attendants at the ministry offices.

Mayanja said that the transferred staff have been helping land grabbers to manufacture land titles yet there are already existing genuine land titles, supporting land eviction and land fraud.

He further cautioned the embattled staff to stop sending him bribes using the people he knows pleading with him to have them back to their stations.

“I was surprised to see someone getting a monthly salary of Shs. 400,000 sending me a bribe of Shs. 40m, if that person is not corrupt, where did they get all that money from? I told the messenger that if comes back to my office I will arrest them with the people sending them to me,” Mayanja warned.

He advised the affected staff to go to the ministry Permanent Secretary to be allocate to new stations since she is the one concerned with transferring staff.

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