DPP to charge Patricia Katanga for tampering with the evidence at the Crime Scene

By DailyNewsUg Correspondent,

The Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) Jane Frances Abodo has sanctioned the charge of murder against prominent military contractor and wealthy businesswoman Molly Katanga “in respect to the death of her husband Henry Katanga”

This is according to the statement issued by the Office of DPP on Monday afternoon.

Katanga, a prominent moneylender was found dead on the morning of November 2, 2023, in his bedroom at his matrimonial home in Mbuya, Kampala.

Molly was in the same bedroom where the businessman’s lifeless body was found in a pool of blood.

Uganda Police pathologist Dr Male Mutumba reported in a postmortem that Katanga’s cause of death was “near contact range gunshot injuries.”

The report indicates that “there was a stellate shaped gunshot entry wound (size: 1.5x3cm)  on the left temporal scalp area, located 7 cm below the vertex and 18 cm left of the midline of the body.”

In addition, the DPP said she had “sanctioned the charge of Destroying evidence against Kakwanza Patricia and Nkwanzi Martha Katanga for tampering with the evidence at the crime scene.”

City businessman Barnabas Taremwa last week asked Kampala High Court to conduct an inquest into Katanga’s death.

Taremwa said the presence of a doctor, a one Dr. Otai Charles, at the home of late Henry Katanga on the fateful morning of Thursday. November 2nd 2023 is as inexcusable as it is unexplainable.

He added: “The guts with which late Henry Katanga’s spouse, Molly Katanga, and his daughter, Tricia (Patricia), chose to abandon the body of late Henry Katanga ni a house unattended to by any loved one as well as the true identity of the person(s) responsible for the decision to whisk away Sima Katanga (Katanga’s 12-year-old son) to an unknown destination and keep him away from the burial arrangements of his slain father and let alone disable the said Sima Katanga from staying vigil at his late father’s Mbuya and Karuroko homes and what motivated such a decision merit inquest proceedings.”

Taremwa said the person(s) responsible for the decision to a b a n d o n the body of late Henry Katanga laying on the floor of his bedroom and instead prioritise the whisking away of his wife into an intensive care unit (ICU at IHK hospital – M u y e n g a under the constant guardianship of Geofrey Kamuntu, her cousin, is a matter of great concern.

Furthermore, the DPP said she had sanctioned the charge of Accessory after the fact of murder against Amanyire George and Otai Charles for assisting the suspects escape punishment.

“Since the murder of Katanga, Prosecution-Guided Investigations by the Office of the Director of Public Prosecutions (ODPP) and Criminal Investigations Directorate (CID) have been ongoing, culminating in the arrest of the suspects?” said the DPP.

“The suspects will be produced in Nakawa Chief Magistrates Court today 21st November 2023 for the charges to be communicated to them save for Katanga Molly and Nkwanzi Martha Katanga who are hospitalized.”

According to the postmortem report, Katanga’s body did not have any injuries which could have been caused by a physical fight with Molly.

The post-mortem report prepared by Uganda Police on November 2, 2023 concluded that, “There were no defense injuries seen and the long bones were intact.”





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