SOBI: A Man who lived by Sword, Dies by the Sword

Kibaale lc1, kigumba parish Maddu sc, Gomba district.
Kiwewa Barton
Muganda by tribe r/o in Kampala district. Tel: 0704924334.
One known as Sobi.
Paddy Sserunjogi, widely known as Sobi, met a tragic end on Monday afternoon in Kibaale village, Kigumba parish, Maddu Sub-county, Gomba district. Residents allegedly attacked and hacked him to death, accusing him of forcefully acquiring land.

Confirming Sobi’s demise late in the evening, Katonga Regional Police Spokesperson Superintendent of Police- SP Majid Karim noted the challenges in obtaining accurate details surrounding the incident.

While unconfirmed reports hinted at multiple casualties, only Sobi’s death was officially confirmed. The altercation arose from a conflict where Sobi’s gang reportedly damaged crops belonging to locals. “Preliminary findings suggest that around 12:30 PM today, on a land belonging to Kalisa in Kibaale village, Kigumba parish, Maddu sub-county, Gomba district, a group of 50 people armed with sticks, pangas, and spears attacked another group, resulting in the death of one person,” SP Karim said.

Kifesi gang leader Sobi killed in Gomba land dispute - Western Uganda's Biggest News Website
The dispute revolved around land owned by one Kalisa, purchased in 2007 for Shillings 100 million, with an outstanding balance of Shillings 80 million left unpaid by Kalisa after the demise of the seller, Paul Kibi.
Allegedly hired by Kalisa to protect the disputed land, Sobi’s group destroyed crops on the land, sparking tension with Kibi’s children, Deborah Nagadiya and Bartin Kiwewa, presenting a legitimate title deed that Kalisa had not settled the balance for.

Another group of people who claimed to be the children and grandchildren of the now late Kibi Paul led by Deborah Nagadiya and Kiwewa Barton emerged with land titles claiming the same land belongs to them.

The went up to court and before it’s sorted, the second group also brought other thugs from Kampala Kisenyi to stay in that land as they cleared the unwanted grass.

That last night, Kalisa’s people hired their people from other areas and they met at his son’s houses; i.e. Rwabazingu, Nyangabo Fred and Rwakana all Banyarwanda from where all the plans to attack the other group were discussed from.

“Legal proceedings were initiated, but before the case could be resolved, the second group brought individuals from Kampala Kisenyi to occupy and clear the land. During today’s (Monday) clash, different items, including food, utensils, and structures, were destroyed,” Karim said. Sobi’s body is currently undergoing a postmortem at Gomba Hospital Mortuary. Among his gang, Gerald Katumba, Andrew Mateka, and Dela Aliyu sustained severe injuries.

The same group is alleged to have killed more citizens though only one body has been recovered with cut wounds on leg and neck.



DPC Gomba responded to the scene with the team that included: OC Stations Gomba and Maddu, D/Oc CID, Socco, CI, other uniformed personnel’s from Gomba, Maddu and Kigezi police

Sobi’s Self-Confession 

Sobi, previously associated with criminal activities and the Kifeesi gang terrorizing Kampala, made a shocking confession in 2017, admitting his involvement in numerous crimes.

Despite claims of transitioning into a police informant during Gen Edward Kale Kayihura’s tenure as Inspector General of Police (IGP), Sobi continued his controversial activities, commanding ‘safe houses’ in Kyengera in Wakiso, and Kalangala district and allegedly being involved in land grabbing missions.

Alex Odwori, who was subjected to inhumane treatment at Kalangala islands under Sobi’s command was among those who petitioned Parliament and President Museveni seeking for intervention because many people were ‘rotting incommunicado.’ Sobi’s actions contributed to the fight between Gen Kayihura and then Security Minister Lt Gen Henry Tumukunde whereby the latter accused the former of knowing and protecting gangs terrorizing Ugandans.

Even when Museveni dropped Gen Kayihura and Col Kaka, Sobi did not relent. He instead immersed himself in hired land-grabbing operations where he could threaten Resident District Commissioners (RDCs), District Police Commanders (DPCs), and OC stations.

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