BUTCHER OF SYRIA: Russia Appoints General With Cruel History to Oversee Ukraine

Russian Gen. Alexander Dvornikov is notorious for his targeting of Civilians while Commanding Troops.

By DailyNewsUG Correspondent,

Russia’s reported appointment of Gen. Alexander Dvornikov, a man with a history of targeting civilians, to take over operations in Ukraine marks what some military analysts see as an indication that Russia intends to terrorize civilians as the war progresses.

Dvornikov, who most recently oversaw Russian troops in Syria, was chosen as the new ground commander in Ukraine, a U.S. official and a Western official confirmed.

General Alexander Dvornikov: All About Russia's New Military Commander In Ukraine

The decision to bring in Dvornikov could be an acknowledgment of what U.S. intelligence officials have described as a failure to achieve the quick takeover Russian President Vladimir Putin envisioned, retired Adm. James Stavridis said Sunday on “NBC Nightly News.”

“The appointment of this new general indicates Vladimir Putin’s intent to continue this conflict for months, if not years,” Stavridis said.

Dvornikov is known as the “Butcher of Syria,” Stavridis noted.

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