Ambassador Quillino Bamwine Steers Relations Between Buganda Kingdom & Eswatini Kingdom

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H.E Ambassador Quillino Bamwine, the Kingdom of Eswatini Ambassador to Uganda has coordinated and syncronised a visit of the Prime Minister of Eswatini Kingdom, Russell Mmiso Dlamini to the Buganda Kingdom, the largest of the medieval kingdoms in Uganda.

Premier Dlamini made a courtesy visit to Buganda Kingdom Prime Minister Owek. Charles Peter Mayiga, at Bulange, Mengo, in Kampala.

Prime Minister Dlamini, who had traveled to Uganda to attend the G77 + China Summit, was accompanied to Mengo by a delegation from Eswatini Kingdom led by H.E Ambassador Quillino Bamwine, the Eswatini consul to Uganda, Sen. Pholile Shakantu, the Minister of foreign affairs and international cooperation from Eswatini kingdom, and Honourable Kabuye Kyofatogabye, the State Minister for Kampala, among others.

From left to right, Buganda Premier Charles Mayiga, Ambassador Quillino Bamwine, Prime Minister of Eswatini Kingdom Dlamini, and other delegates

During his visit to Bulange, Mengo, Mr. Dlamini pledged to strengthen the relationship between the kingdoms of Buganda and Eswatini, in a bid to enhance the norms and values among the people of both monarchs.

“Buganda and Eswatini are both kingdoms that are rich in culture and history that are similar and because of this, we need to strengthen the cultural norms and values among our people,” Dlamini said.

“However, that’s not enough, we also have to strengthen the good partnership that exists between the two kingdoms, because peace and stability are of vital importance to the development of any country or kingdom,” he added.

Prime Minister of Eswatini Kingdom, Russell Mmiso Dlamini smiles with Buganda Kingdom Premier Charles Peter Mayiga

The Prime Minister, on behalf of the Eswatini Kingdom, pledged a good partnership with the Buganda Kingdom and emphasized the importance of working for peace and development of both kingdoms.

In his remarks, Owek. Mayiga, who expressed Kabaka Ronald Mutebi’s gratitude towards Premiere Dlamini’s visit, noted that the visit was a very memorable moment for the two kingdoms that unveiled a new chapter in the longstanding relationship between Bugwanda and Eswatini.

Owek. Mayiga, who gave Dlamini lots of presents, among them a painting of the Kasubi Royal Tombs, noted that development cooperation between the two kingdoms is of paramount importance, especially because there exist various investment opportunities in Buganda Kingdom that can be undertaken by investors from Eswatini kingdom.

“The Kingdom of Buganda would like the people of Eswatini Kingdom to know that there are so many investment opportunities here that they can exploit for the benefit and development of both kingdoms,” Katikiro Mayiga said.

He added; “Even though the Kingdom of Buganda does not collect taxes, it manages by relying on its People’s generosity and smart investments for its financial needs.”

Owek. Mayiga also took the Eswatini delegation through the history of Buganda kingdom and Kingdom’s the key aspirations which include; the protection and preservation of the cultural Heritage of the Baganda, sharing power through a federal system of government, protection of kingdom lands, plus production, service delivery and promotion of unity among the Kabaka’s subjects.

Shortly after his address, Katikiro Mayiga took Premier Dlamini on a tour of Buganda Kingdom’s major media outlets BBS TV and CBS FM, he (Dlmaini) interacted with some of the journalists and was allowed to greet the people of Uganda live on air!

In his remarks, H.E Bamwine, the Eswatini consul to Uganda, thanked Owek. Mayiga for hosting Premier Dlamini and the entire delegation at Bulange, Mengo, and vowed to continue bolstering cooperation between the two kingdoms, noting that this would yield fruits for not only Buganda but also Uganda at large.

Later after his tour of Bulange, Mengo, Premier Dlamini visited the oil reserve at Kawuki-Bugiri, Bukasa in Busiro County, which is owned by Captain Mike Mukula, and in the evening, retired to the Eswatini embassy in Kampala with his delegation, where they had a private dinner and discussed various matters regarding the relations between Eswatini kingdom, Buganda kingdom and Uganda as a country.

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