By Omoit Henry

Let’s a void being over used by the so called certain group of “revengers”. Most senior youth have become stepping stone for money wielding people, with selfish interests.

Most youth at that age bracket have been used before to create wins for other people and later forgotten or dropped, after the winners they supported get sworn in to offices, the age group becomes susceptible victims of peanuts in the political waves.

We all see H.E Museveni almost retiring but it’s better for us to search ourselves, get organised to be in all-inclusive leadership of the country from our elders.

The senior youth need to build a force trusted by this aged outgoing leadership, so us to be guided or be recommended on the right path without emotions.

Which is seen to be applied by rowdy group of extremists who may not have issues of the country at heart, but selfish interests to appease their egos or to revenge their personal feelings, since they may have been either dropped or ignored by the regime due to over expectations.

Let’s learn to see the country we would want after us, what do we want our children to inherit from us, what kind of country are we leaving for the next generation after us, Let’s not allow ourselves to be used by those without clear plan for the country, they may be coming to destroy the little Mr. Museveni has built because all they need is power to show off or to appease some people, but not to serve the nation, Uganda needs listening all-inclusive leadership but not showbiz or appeasing leaders.

Let’s search ourselves, build team willing to improve and do better than Mr. Museveni in terms of infrastructure, development, peace, unity, and social political inclusiveness for all.

Mr. Museveni is trying to practice an all-inclusive authority share, the reason we see, leaders for the first Time in Museveni’s government from Teso, the Chief justice is from the North, the Speaker is from the east.

I’m not campaigning for president Museveni, but it would be wise for the youth along that age bracket to form a formidable group, demand inclusiveness in government leadership so that they don’t be misquoted but advised and informed on the transition route.

Museveni’s time is up, but we should make him retire peacefully by listening to his voice, let’s take this time to organize one voice and negotiate for ourselves or struggle hard to be part of the transitions but not to be used by people with low thinking holding money.

Let’s put our heads together and get a trusted formidable force, this should cut across political divides, both NRM and opposition within the above age bracket. We need to wake up and demand inclusiveness, avoid being used, Uganda is here to stay.

Let’s prepare a better country for next generation other than destroying it by supporting extremists, unruly, intolerant, and un advisable group of adults, masquerading to be new generation, pushing their egos, in the name of transition.
The writer is an activist for Good governance, Former Candidate NYC

BBA (Hons) Makerere University Business School [MUBS] Omoit Henry

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