The Axe Man Of URA: Rujoki Re-shuffles the Entire Customs Division Countrywide

By DailyNewsUG Business Correspondent

Mr. John Musinguzi Rujoki, the new Commissioner General of Uganda Revenue Authority and the 6th URA boss, who took oath of office on April 2, has been a very busy man.

New Era at URA as Musinguzi Rujoki Assumes Office as 6th ...

Round 1: When Mr Rujoki took over URA in March, he came with strict instructions to clean the tax body. Sources say Mr Rujoki spent nearly two months digging up information and “dirt” about “dirty” URA commissioners and their dealings.

Untouchable Commissioner Dicksons Collins Kateshumbwa and Henry Saka, Silajji Kanyesigye Baguma, plus Samuel Kahima tendered in their resignations [read were fired]. The URA management issued a statement at that weekend confirming resignation of the four big shots and senior management staff changes.

Of the four commissioners who resigned, three were accused of engineering a Shs195 billion tax waiver in a multi-billion deal involving the purchase of Sadolin Paints by Japanese firm, the Kansai Paint in 2017. The issue of the waiver was resurrected by Mr Rujoki with the backing of the board members.

Round 2: Uganda Revenue Authority (URA) has reshuffled over 200 officers working in the Customs Department across the country, in the ongoing clearance of the authority.

Commissioner Customs Abel Kagumire made the announcement in a memo copied to the Commissioner General John Rujooki on Monday, June 29.

Mr Kagumire said that the changes take effect on July 1- Wednesday, 2020.

However, Mr Kagumire says the Manager Customs Planning unit is tasked to facilitate the smooth deployment process before July 1, 2020.

Uganda Revenue Authority is among the target authorities that president Museveni listed in the ongoing clean up.

Some of the names on the list

URA boss Rujooki, immediately when he took the job in March, 2020, said he would work with the team to streamline the tax body.

Our reliable source close to URA, informed DailyNewsUG that more changes are going on, although the authorities are preventing the public to know a out these changes before their final arrangements.

The URA clean up is by no means over ….. It is still ongoing.


Rujoki, the 47-year-old is a celebrated mathematician, went to Ntare School before joining Makerere University to undertake a Bachelor of Science in Mathematics, before proceeding to the University of Greenwich, UK, where he graduated with a Master in Computing and Information Systems.

A man of many hats, Mr Rujoki is the board chairperson of the NITA-U and Senior Presidential Advisor on ICT since 2015.


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