President Kagame Roasts Justice Minister Busingye At RPF Meeting, Threatens to Imprison Half The Cabinet

By DailyNewsUG Correspondent,

Rwandan Minister of Justice, Mr. Johnston Busingye is in big trouble after President Paul Kagame discovered that several ‘thieves’ in government have managed to dodge prosecution and continue enjoying their loot. (…) Article original. Site Web : Taarifa

The source of this story is Rwanda Governments  Taarifa. This story has incidentally been pulled down.

Kagame abused his ministers and called them thieves. Taarifa published an article about that and pulled it down.

Taarifa which is owned and controlled by Rwandan Government released two articles.  

  1. “President Kagame roasts justice minister Busingye at RPF meeting.”
  2. “Kagame unleashes RIB, police to interrogate Infrastructure Minister Gatete.”

These two articles were deleted from Taarifa website within hours of posting them.

In the above articles Justice Minister was roasted by the President upon his failure to fight corruption in the country.

The articles highlighted upon how current Rwandan Minister of infrastructure Mr. Clever Gatete, former IGP Gen Emmanuel Gasana and Jean Marie Vianney were referred to as Corrupt officials who belonged to Prison.

The articles exclusively revealed the Presidential orders to Police to start investigating Infrastructure Minister, Mr. Clever Gatete’s source of Wealth.

Mr. Johnston Busingye was born in Uganda. He is a Rwandan lawyer, who has served as the Minister of Justice and Attorney General, since 24 May 2013. He has a Bachelor of Laws, obtained from Makerere University. He also holds a Diploma in Legal Practice, awarded by the Law Development Centre in Kampala.

Mr. Claver Gatete was born in Mbarara Uganda. He is a Rwandan politician and former ambassador, who currently serves as the Minister of Infrastructure in the Rwandan cabinet. Prior to his appointment in April 2018, he served as Minister of Finance and Economic Planning.


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