EXCLUSIVE: People Powers Joel Ssenyonyi’s Wedding Reception

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The former news anchor at NTV has just shared the news of his marriage in a Twitter post in which he introduced his wife to the world. The post read, “Behold Mrs Ssenyonyi.”

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The news of his marriage has excited Twitter users with many congratulating him.

The news making rounds now is the marriage of People Power’s Joel Ssenyonyi. The People Power spokesperson broke the news earlier today on his Twitter account. Here is a sneak peek about what is going on at his reception which is taking place at Hotel Africana.

KFM’s Brian Mulondo and Simon Kasyate the head of communication at Uganda Electricity Generation Company Limited (UEGCL) pose with the newlyweds.
The newlyweds share a moment.
Ronnie Habasa, a seasoned MC and radio presenter on Power FM is the Master of Ceremonies for the event.
People Power boss, Robert Kyagulanyi, aka Bobi Wine and wife also represented. The two showed off their taste in fashion. Bobi Wine looked sharp in a designer blue and black suit which he matched with shoes of the same shade while  Barbie also looked dapper in green dress with red shoes and a fascinator.
The groom wore a fancy maroon and black suit matching with the colours in his wife’s bouquet. Ssenyonyi’s wife chose a beautiful Cinderella gown with silver embellishments.

The 32-year-old is known for being vocal and proud about keeping his virginity for enjoyment in marriage with his future wife. Well, it seems like the dawn is here.

Below is an excerpt from an interview Ssenyonyi had with The Observer

I hear you are a virgin…

[Chuckles] Yes, I am.

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How do you do that with all the beauties around you?

It is not a rare thing for starters; there are many virgin men out there like myself, but they are not in the media like I am. However, it’s a discipline one cultivates. I for example, told myself years ago I will only have sex with my wife. I am not married yet, but when I marry, I will do it.

That doesn’t mean it’s easy; there are many temptations and more come in when you are in the limelight, but you take a stand and decide like I did that I will have sex when I marry, and only with my wife.

God helps me because I am human, because if He does not help me, [raises his voice] I am in trouble, oh my goodness!

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What is wife material?

Ahhh… a woman who loves the Lord, someone who is a friend. I want to marry someone who is my friend because when you fight with a friend, it’s different because you know at the end of it all you are still buddies.

I want somebody who will understand the things I’m involved in because politics is tough. You need somebody who will understand that you will be away for days, sometimes you might even get arrested.

I would also love a person who loves people because I deal with people.

If you had to choose between Miss Brains or Miss Beauty?

[Quickly:] Both. Why not? There are many women who have both, and that’s the kind I will have. I don’t necessarily want a politician like me or a person who understands politics, although if it comes that way, well and good.

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Do you crush on the fine girls?

Well… [Shaking his head] sometimes I see God’s creations that look good, but l don’t get eaten up. I have seen so many beautiful ladies over the years, but I can’t see something and be like ayahhh!!! I just appreciate God’s creation and move on.

How many children do you want to have?

When I marry, it would be good to have a discussion with my wife, but I guess three is a fair number and I hope to be a Ssalongo (father to twins). It can hopefully be triplets…aah…nekiggwera awo [and it ends there].

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Would you wish your children to conduct themselves the way you have?

Are you kidding me! I have enjoyed my life to the fullest and I have not even started yet. But the Bible says train up a child in the way of God such that when they grow up, they don’t depart from it. I would like my children to grow up with discipline, but that doesn’t mean they shouldn’t enjoy life.

Congratulations Mr and Mrs Ssenyonyi.


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