REVEALED: After TV & Radio BAN, Tamale Mirundi EXPOSES Top Six Mafias in Uganda!

By DailyNewsUG Correspondent,

Political commentator Tamale Mirundi has spoken out on his media ban saying that he is not moved by his suspension from NBS TV.

Mirundi says TV stations didn’t make him. “I am a brand with my own weight. I ride on my wisdom, not the brand of the TV. My wisdom and words make TV stations. If one TV stations can’t give me time on air, I will go to another one. I can go to a station that has never been listened to anyone and make it a power brand,” he says.

Mirundi says he is disappointed in Next Media CEO Kin Karisa for succumbing to the pressure of mafias. The political commentator says the mafias put 200M on the table for NBS to get rid of him.

Kampala, Uganda|Joseph Tamale Mirundi has listed and exposed the top 6 Mafias in Uganda but the list has shocked many top officials.

Speaking to Isaac Katende aka Kasuku of Dembe FM and Spark TV, Tamale named his enemies which are mostly on the top ladders in State House and wondered why the six would unite to drag him down.

He revealed that it is the same enemies that had influenced his axing at State House as President Museveni’s spokesperson. Below is the list of the top six Mafias named:

1. Lt. Co. Edith Nakalema – Head of Anti Corruption Unit in State House.

2. Andrew Mwenda – Journalist

3. Lt. Gen. Proscovia Nalweyiso – Presidential Adviser.

4. Frank Tumwebaze – Minister of Gender, Labour and social development.

5. Robert Kabushenga –Vision Group Executive

6. Geoffrey Kulubya –Bukedde Newspaper Managing Director.

The motor mouth was barred from his shows on NBS and Top Radio as a result of his ruthless attacks on prominent top government officials including the national COVID-19 task force.

Influential city journalist Andrew Mwenda confessed being the one who caused the sacking of veteran scribe Tamale Mirundi from being Press Secretary to the President.

The Andrew Mwenda Mafia Incognito Colleagues fighting Tamale Mirundi

Mwenda and Mirundi have a very bad and ugly relationship to-date. Back in May 2019, Mwenda revealed that that one morning woke up feeling “sick and tired” of having a man of such lukewarm commitment continuing to hold such a sensitive position. “Early in the morning, I picked my phone and called the President personally asking him to sack that man. He was everywhere on radio saying bad things about State House and its employees yet it’s his job to ensure the image of State House is intact,” said Mwenda who Mirundi has for years been belligerently accusing for orchestrating his disgraceful departure from the coveted office. “But I was magnanimous because I’m the same person who lobbied and asked the President to appoint him Presidential Advisor.”


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