Top Great Lakes Journalist once held ‘Incommunicado’ & Declared ‘Persona Non Grata’, in March 2020 Predicted Nkuruziza Death

By DailyNewsUG Global Correspondent

Twelve years ago, Asuman Basiika a Veteran Ugandan Journalist was held incommunicado, released and declared a “PNG” or Persona Non Grata by an East African Country within the Great lakes region.

Fundamentally PNG means that the journalist who has for some time been on the contrary side of understanding with the authorities over his critical reporting is no longer allowed in that country.

So is the brief intro to Asuman Basiika.

In his article posted in March 2020 he says thus:

“By end of year 2020, a death will occur to so important, a personality in the Great Lakes regional Geo-politix that it will change the course of history”.

He continued “In Luganda, a Head of State in one of the countries that constitute what we know as the Great Lakes region will die before Friday, January 1st 2021”.

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The Oracle Warning and Prediction

Talk about an oracle! And this is not a one off. He has an un canny ability to deliver similar “I told you so” fore-warnings and revelations.

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Asumani Basiika Revelations

That’s Asuman Basiika a Senior Political Commentator, Seasoned a journalist and a keen watcher of Security and Political dynamics in the Great Lakes region.

With such prophesies, it’s no surprise that Asuman Basiika was kicked out of that East African Country

Image may contain: text that says 'f 25% 6:00 am William Ruto Asuman Bisiika Mar 2013 at B The thing is William "Norman the Conquerer" Ruto...; not Uhuru Kinyatta Next? "The Fallout". 5 comments Like Comment Share Asuman Bisiika Mar 2013 at B The thing is William "Norman the Conquerer" Ruto...; not Uhuru Kinyatta. Next? "The Fallout". comments Like Comment Share'
Asumani Basiika Fire warnings

Another Ugandan Journalist Robert Mukombozi under the employ of Daily Monitor was given five minutes to leave that same East African territory and his passport stamped “PNG” or Persona Non Grata and told to never to set foot in the country.

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