Ugandan Beauty Anita Fabiola in a ‘Scientific’ Lavish Birthday at Munyonyo

By DailyNewsUG Gossip Correspondent,

Fresh from purchasing her a brand new Range Rover, Anita Fabiolas’ Mysterious Fiancee has treated her to a lavish birthday party.

Kampala City socialite Anita Kyarimpa Fabiola’s Sunday was showered with love and roses as her new boyfriend, Mark Ronald threw her a luxurious birthday party marking her 26th age.

The Munyonyo-held party saw a few of her elegantly dressed family and friends, attend owing to the global outbreak of the Corona Virus Pandemic.

The gorgeous Anita, dressed in red taut dress publicly splashed romance to her new lover man for the first time since they dated.

Mark Ronald, Anita and singer Vinka

One of the highlights not to forget at the event, was Swangz Avenue’s Azawi and Vinka who spiced-up the couple’s intimacy with their performances as they routinely seduced it to dance.

Famously known for her jovial, classy and hardwork, the former NBS TV presenter proved her worth when it came to decorations flowers, gifts, cake, and drinks.

With all Mark’s endless undoubted tenderness, Fabiola can’t wait to breed countless beautiful babies for him.

According to close sources, Mark Ronald is a City tycoon residing in Munyonyo with unbreathable wealth in his hands.

Fabiola with boyfriend Mark Ronald

Happy Belated Fabiola!



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