President Museveni UNLOCKS Lockdown & LOCKS it again!

|DailyNewsug| President Yoweri Museveni has announced 11 New measures that open the way to relaxing of of the COVID-19 lockdown. He seemed to unlock the measures in place but then said the measures take effect in two weeks time …. .


1. Shops selling general merchandise will open provided they are not in the shopping malls, shopping arcades and food markets.
2. The heroic market women that have slept in the work places for all these days, will be allowed to go home and come back to work daily if they want to.
3. Public transport will resume but with strict regulations. Mini-buses, buses, taxis, tuku-tukus can operate provided they carry only a half of their normal capacity. Public transport won’t operate in border districts for another 21 days.
4. Boda bodas won’t carry passengers yet. They should continue to carry cargo as they have been doing during the time of the lock-down.
5. Bars, Discos, night-clubs, gyms, saunas, swimming pools and hair-salons, will stay closed for another 21 days since they cannot easily observe the rules of social distancing.
6. The International borders of Uganda and the airport will remain closed so that we do not import additional cases from outside.
7. Education institutions can open but only for finalists/candidate classes. There will be no first-term examinations. Social distancing is a must. Other learners will wait for now.
8. Curfew from 1900hours  until 0630 hours , remains in place for another 21 days.
9. Food restaurants can open as long as the clients observe social-distancing and there is no air-conditioning which spreads the virus.
10. People with private cars will be allowed to drive as long as the car does not carry more than 3 people, including the driver.

11. All the other restrictions will remain in place for 21 days.


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