“Hell Hath No Fury Like a Woman Scorned”: Bryan White & Play Mate Accuser

Who is Vivian Mutanda Real Name is Namutebi Ramallah, of Bunga- Ggaba-Kabalagala Road?
By DailyNews Ug Chief Gossipist,
When Vivian Mutanda appeared on TV accusing Bryan White of having sex with him non-stop while beating her, shocking information about her has been flooding in. Despite her young age, those who know her from Bunga-Buziga Kabalagala Bars as a “Senior” couldn’t help it.

According to sources and information flowing out through different social media streams, this girl Vivian despite projecting an “”Angelic Posture” is not who she says she is but rather something else.

Her real names are Namutebi Ramallah, born in 1999 and she studied at Bukandula College in Gomba district.

The young girl is apparently claiming to be sexually harassed by Bryan White and many who know her contend it is fake news.

Informants advise that “Happening People and Batamivu” from Buziga-Bunga-Ggaba & Kabalagala Road know her well and her trade. Apparently, when Bryan White came into play, he pulled her off the street.

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