Rwanda to Rescue COVID19 Lock-down Stuck Students from Hostels

By DailyNewsUG Education Correspondent,

Across Kampala City, there are students who are still stuck in Hostels there because of the COVID19 lockdown.

In the past few days, the issue of University students who are stuck in hostels of residence due to the COVID-19 lockdown has become so contentious as students from several Institutions of Higher learning have been seen soliciting for assistance from the state through the Uganda National Students’ Association (U.N.S.A) and from the general public through popular social media personalities like UCU’s Esther Birungi.

These students’ complaints are majorly centred on lack of food and forceful evictions by their land lords from hostels.

On the side, our counterparts in Rwanda who happen to be in a similar situation seem to have found a solution to this itching problem.

As of yesterday at 4:12PM EAT, the University of Rwanda on its official Twitter account (@Uni_Rwanda) announced that the state would be facilitating students in all its branches to go back home other than continue suffering at their hostels of residence.

This they say will be done by using hired buses to transport these students back home after being subjected to COVID-19 tests. This evacuation process started today at 7AM. 

This left many Ugandan students who are stuck and starving in hostels wondering whether their government with save them in a similar manner!


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