AGONY: Starqt awards CEO Stella Nankya loses CHILD, UNCLE & GRAND MA

By DailyNewsUG Correspondent,

South African based Starqt awards CEO Stella Nankya is facing her worst nightmare. The South African based Ugandan business woman last week lost her last born, Trillion Ssemakula who fell and hit his head on the ground while at their home South Africa. Trillion was the only boy and youngest among her 5 children. Trillion was approaching 2 years old who was born on June 12, 2018.

On hearing the sad News, her grandmother back in Uganda fainted and died and in turn her son who is Stella’s uncle also died from shocking News of his mother.

“If I could have one wish in life, that wish would have to be That God would take away my pain and send you back to me,” the feeling so low Stella said in a sombre mood before adding that; “You are gone my son, and I just wanted you to know how much I deeply love you and that I miss you.” Stella said faintly.


“The next day after the tragedy, I headed to our police station to seek permission for a good fare well to my son but in vain. I couldn’t get a death certificate in time and without it, i couldnt get authorization from Police to transport the little man’s body.

On top of that, without the certificate i was also denied access to a catholic priest to pray for my son. Acquiring a plot to burry my son in a south African cementry was also hard. I feel pain that i wish would never happen to anyone.” Stella narrated.


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