Zari attacks Diamond Platnumz

By DailyNews Gossip Correspondent

  • Zari and Diamond had an explosive breakup early this year
  • The beauty called it quits with the musician via social media
  • The two haven’t spoken ever since

Zari Hassan has been playing it cool since her public break up with her baby daddy Diamond Platinumz on Valentine’s Day. Even when she was interviewed by BBC on why she ended her relationship with the Tanzanian superstar, the mother of five chose not to say anything that would soil his reputation.

She then went back to her “cool single mum days”, going on vacations and posting twerking videos. Life was good…or so we thought until earlier today when she let her guard down and seemingly stung Diamond.

According to the socialite, Diamond has been evading his father duties ever since the couple went their separate ways.

In a social media post Zari has stated that the singer has not seen his children, Tiffah and Nillan, in a long time.

“When last did you see your kids, I bet they forgot all about you,” she wrote.

Zari now wants Diamond to stop slacking off on his fatherly duties to their two children Ugandan beauty Zari Hassan was a ball of fire when she decided to go off on her ex-hubby Diamond Platnumz. According to her, the popular musician has been evading his parental duties ever since the couple went their separate ways.

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