Victoria University Kampala Pageant held as six (6) Beautiful & Smart Students vie for Crown

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Kabira Country Club & Resort Kampala, Uganda (DAILYNEWS UG)

Victoria University Kampala is one of East Africa’s leading private Universities, delivering delivering world class international quality education and is located in the middle of Kampala City.

Miss Victoria University (Miss VU) is an annual beauty pageant organized by Victoria University Guild and its Students.  The pageant allows the participation of female contestants between the ages of 18 and 26 who are active university students with no marriage experience or children.

Over the weekend on Saturday Night, 28th April a tight competition between the University’s most intelligent, beautiful and smartest Students was held at Kabira Country Club and Resort.

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Above: The Exclusive Kabira Country Club Resort Hotel where Miss Victoria University Pageant was held over the weekend

Victoria University organized the pageant to produce students who will be Victoria University Ambassadors and that successfuly Candidate that will represent the University at different events and levels of society.

Marlie Keishamaza, General Secretary of the Guild and one of the organizers of the even, said the pageant gives the girls’ confidence and boosts their self esteem. “We wanted to give everyone a chance because above everything we want the girls to have boosted confidence and self esteem after this event,” Ms Keishamaza said.

“We opened registration and went with the girls that signed up, although we had a few more contestants who dropped out because of fear,” Ms Keishamaza said the organizing committee is looking for intelligence, creativity, confidence, relevance to answering questions in the contestants.

Contestant #1 NAME: Bingi Elsi Nina COURSE: Journalism and Media Studies NATIONALITY: Ugandan

Contestant #2 NAME: Namuli Priscilla COURSE: Foundation Program NATIONALITY:Ugandan

Contestant #3 NAME: Kansiime Merielle COURSE: Foundation Program NATIONALITY:Congolese

Contestant #4 NAME: Neima James Alexander COURSE: Science in Public Health NATIONALITY: South Sudanese

Contestant #5 NAME: Akuol Zakaria Deng COURSE: Foundation Program NATIONALITY:South Sudanese

Contestant #6 NAME: Napeyok Ursula Joan COURSE: Tourism and Hotel Management NATIONALITY: Ugandan


Image result for kabira country clubAbove: Kabira Country Club, the Venue above.

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The Pageant final results will for Victoria University Crown will be shared here.
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About Victoria University
Victoria University, which is one of the leading universities in Uganda, stands out as a centre of academic excellence. It offers a fresh and intellectually stimulating environment. Its subject–based instructions nurture critical thinkers.

Victoria University Kampala is a cosmopolitan University with a diversity of nationalities: Ugandan, Kenyan, Middle Eastern, Gambian, Ghanaian, Seychelles, Tanzanian, Congolese,  Indian,  Rwandese, Burundi,  Cameroonian, Lebanese,  Ethiopian,  Eritrean, Somali, South African and Nigerian.
With a well established reputation as the best private, forward thinking, modern university in East Africa, Victoria University offers a vibrant and stimulating environment to further your studies.


Contact the admissions office for enrollment at OR or call Tel: (+256) 417 727 000, or Visit Victoria University at Victoria Towers, Plot 1-13, Jinja Road.

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