Two Israeli Tourists injured in Mabira Forest Taxi Robbery


DAILYNEWS UG Two tourists are nursing injuries after they were attacked by robbers in Mabira forest along the Kampala-Jinja highway.

The two Israeli nationals, Itai Barsinai, 32, and his girlfriend Shakid Jil, 30, were traveling from Bujagali Falls in Jinja district on Monday evening.

They reportedly boarded a taxi from Amber Court Gardens, which, however stopped at Lugalambo, a section near Mabira forest where they were tricked into a robbery.

Itai Barsinai and his girlfriend Shakid Jil in Kawolo hospital

It is alleged that the taxi suddenly stopped and the operators pretended to be fixing a problem with the front door. As Barsinai concentrated on locking the door, a pseudo-passenger rose from the back seat and started strangling him. In the process, they sustained injuries and lost all possessions.

They say that although they tried to fight back, they were over powered by the robbers, who were ‘quite a number.’

One of them explains that the thugs went away with their phones, passports and money and later dumped them in the thickets of the forest.

“Matatu started going, and then, stopped [at a] gas station and they asked me to switch seats with the guy next to me. I was in front – next to the driver and they asked us to help close the door and I was suspicious. Then, they asked me for something to close the door and I thought they were maybe trying to take my wallet from my pocket – I was suspicious.

Then all of a sudden, maybe 10 minutes later in the forest, the guy behind me strangled me and I tried to [fight back] but the driver pushed my leg outside and the passenger took my wallet and my bag,” said Barsinai.

Barsinai said they were helpless until a Good Samaritan took them to Kawolo hospital. The two have since been transferred to Nakasero hospital in Kampala. Sezzibwa region police spokesperson Hellen Butoto says police is investigating the incident.

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