Sudhir committed to develop & change Kampala City Skyline

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Early this week, as I sat in a Taxi in traffic sloping down Jinja road, approaching Airtel Roundabout opposite Directorate of Citizenship & Immigration Control, there was a Young couple seated across me and upon seeing the gigantic Speke Apartments Wampewo on the right, the Young lady remarked “Sudhir is really fascinates me!” The Boyfriend asked “how?”, the Young lady replied…..“Look at Kampala Boulevard, look at the Cube Kisementi, look at Victoria University, look at Hardware Plaza, look at Hardware City, the Kololo House, those Kamwokya apartments Tower. The Man is literally changing Kampala City Skyline single-handedly”! , “I agree”, the Boyfriend retorted.

That conversation got me thinking and I was like let me research into that notion of Sudhir changing the Kampala City’s Skyline.

Dr. Sudhir has invested hundreds of millions of dollars to helps top make Kampala City, the city the place of choice for people looking for somewhere to live, study and do great business. Dr. Sudhir through his Crane Management Services is developing Kampala City. Crane Management Services (CMS) is a leading Real Estate company based in Kampala, Uganda. It is a subsidiary of the Ruparelia Group of Companies. They pride themselves in providing the highest level of customer care service to their clients and their core business is managing, marketing, and consultancy within the Real Estate Sector.


    “Crane Management Services was initiated with the sole purpose of providing a lasting Real Estate solution aimed at making all stakeholders happy through providing quality residential, commercial (retail, official, and apartments), and industrial space.”

The Magnificent Kampala Boulevard (above) on Kampala Road: Located on the main street of Kampala Road opposite Posta Uganda, Kampala Boulevard Building comprises 4 floors offering more than 4,800 sqm of Grade A office space. It has 25 Shops with 450 sqm of retail space in total. Shop sizes range from 19 sqm-26sqm. The building comes with parking for up to 70 cars as well as 2 lifts for the convenience of the tenants.

Dr. Sudhir Ruparelia is Forbes Magazine top ranked East Africa Business Baron and Real Estate Billionaire Magnate. Dr. Sudhir, a tireless-hard working man from humble beginnings, was born in Kabatooro, Kasese District, Western Uganda and he speaks fluent Rutooro, a local indigenous language. He attended Bat Valley Primary School in Kampala, from P1 to P6, then Jinja Main Street Primary School in Jinja for P7 and Jinja Secondary School. In 1971, he joined Kololo Senior Secondary School. He has so many businesses that he organized them under the umbrella of the Ruparelia Group and through his Ruparelia Conglomerate, he employs thousands of Ugandans in the Groups Flower Farms, 40+ Crane Bank Branches countrywide, over 10 Top Hotels, Primary Schools, Secondary Schools, Victoria University, Insurance Companies, Forex Bureaus, hundreds of City Apartments and a very strong Philanthropy Program through Ruparelia Foundation hat generously gives back to the community.

HARDWARE PLAZA above is a recently built shopping mall located on plot 9snai bin Amir opposite the nakasero temple, one of the busiest streets in the heart of the city it is a well- planned shopping arcade with seven levels of shops, offices & restaurant space, stand out from the rest, is the fact that it’s a 2mins walk to the Old Taxi Park. The busier of the two taxi parks in Kampala, serving towns in eastern Uganda, This is amazingly busy spot, from the crack of dawn to deep in the night. With over 4000 minibuses pouring in at intervals, thousands of commuters and petty traders, Kampala’s old Taxi Park gyrates with the rhythm of Kampala. With this, the highest consumer traffic in the city center of Kampala, hardware plaza is ideal for retail businesses. It is also a good place to advertise your products.
Shop space available starting from 15 Sqm to more
•office space
•Over 180 shops
•The building is of 7Floors high with a magnificent view of the city
•Passenger lifts Fire suppression & warning system
•Rubbish collection points
•secure parking

The Cube Kisementi

The Cube has a desirable location in kamokya a neighborhood that is dominated by continental restaurants,hangouts boasts of corporate facilities like banks,offices for different organizations.When the night falls,Kisementi comes alive.It has Shop space available starting from 15 Sqm to more,The project has a car lift, office space above, 2 elevators inside,The building has with 8 Floors high with magnificent view the whole of Kampala,has parking on 2 of the upper levels,space for a Casino, a lounge,office space at the top and shops at the bottom. Right opposite the Acacia mall,it will be the tallest building in the area.

HARDWARE CITY” ENTEBBE ROAD it is one stop shopping center for hardware in the whole of East Africa , from the largest of vendors to the one starting out the hardware business .it has parking space for over 105 cars ,apartments on the upper levels and shops of all sizes .it has 8 levels with 2 at the ground level access as well as 66 apartments ranging in size from 1-3 bedrooms that come with a fitted kitchen,hot water supply and a beautiful view from the city center of the capital city ,it also has 287 shops up for retail and office space.The building is also fitted with access for disabled individuals as well as the latest safety standards.HARDWARE CITY has access from 3 main(entebbe road,Sinai bin amir street and market street) roads that traders use for buying and transporting goods around Kampala and Uganda as a whole.

VICTORIA UNIVERSITY KAMPALA: As one of the top Universities in Uganda, Victoria University stands out as a pivot of academic excellence, offering a fresh and intellectually thriving environment that nurtures critical and progressive thinkers and pushes pedagogical boundaries. The University is committed to the advancement of higher education in the country and the East African region by establishing exemplary, specialized and employment-oriented education. Our backbone is solid, as we are backed by the Ruparelia Group which is notable in the education sector in Uganda and has under its portfolio the renowned Kampala International School Uganda and Kampala Parents’ School.

Image result for TAGORE APARTMENTS

Image result for TAGORE APARTMENTS

TAGORE APARTMENTS KAMWOKYA (above) are ultra-modern, fully furnished apartments with both 2 and 3 bedroom units available. With ample parking space of more than 15 cars, it comes with a fitted kitchen and air conditioning in all the rooms. The apartments located in Kamwokya, a Kampala suburb, are less than 10 minutes’ drive from Kampala city center. The facility offers a wide range of amenities for its residents, including some of the best accommodation facilities in town at an affordable price. All the rooms are self-contained and come with 24 hour hot water, tight security and ample parking space. Tagore Apartments have a desirable location in Kamwokya and right next to Mawanda Road. Most significantly, the facility is a 5 minute walk from Kisementi, a neighbourhood that is dominated by continental restaurants, hangouts boasts of corporate facilities like banks, offices for different organizations, supermarkets as well as education facilities among others. When the night falls, Kisementi comes alive.


Image result for speke apartments wampewo

Image result for speke apartments wampewo


Image result for bukoto heights apartments

Image result for bukoto heights apartments

Image result for bukoto heights apartments


Sudhirs Home on Kololo Hill (above)

Image result for speke apartments wampewo

MARKET PLAZA above (situated at plot 16B Market Street in between Energy Center and Royal Complex)Market Street was named “Market Street”due to the abundance in market activity,that takes place in this particular neighborhood.The vision behind our upcoming development here was to bring diversity,creativity and authenticity that our tenants are bringing into the creation of a new building.The results have been a building that is colorful, vibrant and very innovative ready. It will have 4 levels of shops and once complete it will also, • Elevators • Parking • Natural lighting, .Well ventilated and have 1/2 hour fire resistance.


Image result for crane plaza kisementi

CRANE PLAZA KISEMENTI (above) Crane Plaza is a shopping mall located in kisementi, one of the busiest areas in the the city. What makes this well- planned shopping arcade with five levels of shops, offices & restaurant space and apartments,s This is amazingly busy spot, from the crack of dawn to deep in the night.

Image result for crane plaza kisementi

EAGLE PLAZA (above) is a modern shopping mall located on Luwum Street in the heart of the city. Strategically located and spread across Kiyembe lane and Luwum Street, one of the busiest streets in the CBD, this well-planned shopping arcade has five levels of shops, offices & restaurant space. It has a total lettable space of 2550 Sqm, appropriate for a businesses looking to take advantage of the abundance of customers in this prime location.  Although most of the space in the lower levels is appropriate for retail outlets, space is available for small offices or big space for corporate offices on the upper floors.  It also has a 500sqm area reserved for restaurant or party events on the rooftop.


Image result for crane plaza kisementi


EMIRATES BUILDING (Above): Fondly and commonly known as the Emirates Building for housing world class local offices of internationally acclaimed Emirates Airlines, FNC Building is a stunning office building which has been comprehensively redeveloped to provide the finest Grade A offices in Kampala. The building offers 200 sqm of state-of-the-art executive offices for rent. They come with parking, suspended ceilings, air conditioning, security and a bathroom in each office with a wonderful view of Kampala! Part of the space is customized for a large auditorium/theatre and the building has access to Kampala Road, the city’s main street.

Image result

SPEKE APARTMENTS KITANTE: Feel at home in the heart of Kampala at these apartments. Right on a tarmac road that is not very busy to enable privacy and security. Both 2 and 3 Bedroom available.


Below is a galley of Dr. Sudhir’s outstanding Kampala developments and other magnificent plans to come in the next 3-5 years.

Image result for speke apartments wampewo

(KINGDOM KAMPALA MIXED USE DEVELOPMENT) IN THE HEART OF KAMPALA (Above) This substantial mixed use project is located between three main roads. Nile avenue, Yususf Lule Road and Dewinton Road to the north east of Central Business District. The facility will host;- -A luxury hotel with conference facilities and events space -16,500sqm Gross letable office tower -40,000sqm Gross letable area shopping center with an external piazza and entertainment facilities -30,000sqm residential apartments -2,400 parking bays .


PLATINUM HOUSE (Above): This is going to be the most indispensable piece of Kampala City. With a very magnificent and unforgettable view along Market Street on Plot 19, Platinum Housewill have a unique spectacular façade which does not follow the regular pattern. Each unit of the building will be designed to detail with cutting-edge equipment.The location of this building is famous for having the most vibrant businesses in town.Platinum House will be no ordinary building! The building will have the following facilities; • 11 floors • 236 shops • Office space • Parking slots for 100 cars. • Passenger lifts • Fire suppression & warning system • Vehicular lifts The structure will cover a total area of 8,868M².

TOURIST PLAZA (Above) Beautifully designed with perfect colour glass, the effect is going to be stunning inside and out. Tourist Plaza will be a one-of-a-kind building located right in downtown Kampala. The radiance of this buildingwill be amplified by the beautiful streets that surround it. Tourist Plaza is within a walking distance of banks, commercial offices and shops giving it the ideal location. Taxis are also readily available for transportation. It will be one of the tallest buildings in the region. The building will have the following facilities; • 11 floors • 466 shops • parking slots for 128 cars • Passenger lifts • Vehicular lifts • Fire suppression & warning system • Rubbish collection points.


THE SR PLAZA (Above) This fantastical place is going to be like a journey into the world of Alice and Wonderland.Right in the heart of Kampala on plots 2a&2b Kampala road, SR Plaza is going to be one of the tallest modern commercial buildings in town. Each unit of this building will be tremendously designed to detail. The SR Plaza will be built and designed to international standards. The overall effect of this building will be the rarest thing in architecture: true timelessness! The SR plaza will have the following facilities; • 16 floors • 369 shops • Parking slots for 123 cars. • Vehicular lifts • Passenger lifts • Fire suppression & warning system • Lobbies The structure will cover atotal area of 26,469.1m² PLACE CENTRALE The views from outside will be unbelievable but the serenity inside awesome. The extraordinary Place Centrale will give you the thrill of modernity and high art. It is also going to be one of the tallest buildings in Kampala with a magnificent view of the city. William Street, Plot 8on which Place Centrale is located is famously known for having the most desirable corporate business neighbourhood and also being a harbour for the most prominent offices in town. Place Centrale will be supremely eye-catching upon completion. The building will have the following facilities; • 10 floors • 120 shops • Parking slots for 78 cars. • Vehicular lifts • Passenger lifts • Fire suppression & warning system The structure will cover a total area of 5,095.5M² CITY HOUSE City House isdesigned to become a national icon. Beauty will lie both in the interior and the exterior of this breathe taking building. Located on plots 17, 19, 21 Luwum Street and 2, 4 William Street, City House is bound to be one of the best and tallest modern commercial buildings in Kampala. The location of this spectacular building is perfectly suitabledominated by corporate facilities like banks as well as good infrastructure and many other social services. It is also within easy walking distance from all the attractions in Kampala city. Built with the best equipment, City House will stand the test of time. The building will have the following facilities; • 12 floors • 911 shops • Parking slots for 156 cars. • A modern primary school on the last three upper levels • 4 passenger lifts • 4 vehicle lifts • Fire suppression & warning system The structure will cover a total area of 33,948M²


14316795_1216886411667531_6379489879721867937_n  Image result for sudhir ruparelia

A handsome and younger Sudhir while in Jinja. The Tycoon today (R)


The Properties of Dr. Sudhir are so many and this reporter could only submit a few of the aforementioned properties and file this story for publishing today. I agree with Young Couple in the Taxi. Dr. Sudhir is truly a remarkable, business minded, enterprising and fascinating Ugandan.


“It is not just about bricks and mortar – it is about people and creating better services for them. It’s about communities and creating a better environment for people to live in and work in. It’s about employment, health and education, and it’s about the Ugandan community. We offer business people more choice and more options, with people living side by side, regardless of their income. I am the servant of the people”.

Dr. Sudhir

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