Pallaso Roughed up by Bouncers Casabalanca in Kololo

Pallaso has a knack for fighting in the club once he gets high. The dancehall star was once again involved in a physical altercation at a bar.

After hosting the ‘Mama’ concert, Pallaso headed to Casablanca bar in Kololo to enjoy himself with his friends.

The bouncers at Casablanca however refused to allow in the troublesome Pallaso knowing all too well how he behaves when he gets intoxicated.

A vexed Pallaso picked a fight with the bouncers as he tried to force his way into the pub. Chameleone was just in time to save his brother from a dog’s beating that was being handed to him by the bouncers.

Chameleone was partying in Casablanca bar when he heard a confrontation outside. He went to check only to find it was his brother who was being roughed up.

Chameleone intervened and was able to convince the bouncers to allow Pallaso into the pub.

Pallaso and Chameleone
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