Over 120 people rushed to hospital after feasting on dead cow’s meat in Nakuru

– The dead cow had been diagnosed and confirmed sick by a vet doctor

– The owner then decided to slaughter and sell its meat to the neighbours

– The carcass was being sold cheaply to the unsuspecting customers – Many of them reportedly had no clue where the meat came from

– Owner of the dead animal went into hiding after he received news people were falling ill Over 120 people were on Sunday, May 6, taken ill in Nakuru County after they consumed meat from a dead animal.

Several of the victims were reportedly treated and discharged except two who nearly died after feasting on the dead cow.

Police are pursuing owner of the dead cow who has gone missing.

The authorities fear there could be more than 130 people who ate the sick meat.

Reports confirm at least 60 children, 40 women and 20 men from Kuresoi North were affected by the meat.

According to the region’s Deputy County Commissioner Felix Wafula, the victims suffered from severe stomach ache, vomiting and diarrhoea.

The County official also revealed the dead cow had been diagnosed and confirmed sick by a veterinary doctor on Thursday, May 3 .

In Meru It emerged most of the victims were family members who did not know where the infected meat they were enjoying came from.

In some instances, all family members fell sick after feasting on the carcass that was reportedly being sold at KSh 200 per kilo.

The authorities have launched investigation into the incident.

Police are also pursuing owner of the dead cow who reportedly went missing as soon as he got wind of people being taken ill because of his meat. The authorities fear there could be more than 130 people who ate the infected cow. This was, however, not the first time people had fallen seriously sick upon consuming meat from a sick animal.

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In February 2016, some 22 people from Singorwet village in Bomet County were hospitalised after meat they had consumed turned out to have come from an infected cow.

The victims were admitted to Longisa County Referral Hospital. David Barng’ass, the hospital’s medical superintendent, said the patients were admitted with symptoms ranging from diarrhea to mild headaches, which indicated possible food poisoning.

A related incident was reported in Meru County in October 2016. At least 100 people were rushed to hospital after they consumed infected meat.

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