Opposition leader arrested for insulting No-Nonsense Tanzania President


A top opposition leader in Tanzania is cooling his heels behind bars after he made offensive remarks at president John Pombe Magufuli.

The incident comes in the wake of public outcry amongst a section of Tanzanian leaders over what they term as Magufuli’s high handedness.

Julius Mtatiro wandered murky waters when he took to his Facebook account posing a question“Who is the President, really?” which undoubtedly ruffled the tough speaking leader.

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Mtatiro’s above: Magufuli has been accused of running Tanzania in a dictatorial manner. 

TUKO.co.ke understands police detained him accusing him of making offensive remarks against the president.

They further ransacked Mtatiro’s home for the device used to post on social media.

The incident comes in the wake of several cases of citizens and politicians who have been detained on similar charges in Tanzania.

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Mtatiro had reposted in solidarity with a young man in North Western Tanzania, who originally raised the question on his Facebook page and himself got arrested three days ago.

There have been public outcry with rights activists criticising the Tanzanian authorities for suppressing freedom of speech.

However, according to the government, unlimited freedom of expression may result into a breach of peace.

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