Museveni: Stop threatening violence, you will not get away with it anymore

Museveni Visits Abirigas Family Home


The Presidents Excerpts 

I visited the family of the late Hon. Ibrahim Abiriga in Kawanda, Wakiso District, this morning. Hon Abiriga and his bodyguard were gunned down last evening as he approached his home.

We shall bring these criminals to book. Hon Abiriga was an ardent supporter of the NRM party. If it is the enemies of the NRM who have done this, it will expose the risk of fighting the NRM.

The police should inform the public about the progress made in investigations and prosecution of suspects involved in other murder cases like that of Hajj Kiggundu.

Let also take community policing seriously. Working with the police, we should have some community volunteers work as local defence forces and help us especially with monitoring the villages.

I have also observed creeping indiscipline on radios. People threaten violence on air and just get away with it. The Minister of Information must deal with this.

Again, may the soul of Hon Abiriga and that of his bodyguard rest in peace.

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