M7 – The Opposition Grand Master

By Daily News Correspondent

Recently, President Yoweri Museveni told of how he had “poached” Kitgum Municipality Member of Parliament, Ms Beatrice Anywar, alias Maama Mabira, from the Opposition to the ruling National Resistance Movement (NRM).
“I am a good poacher. If I see a good animal from the park I go for it. I have been calculating [how to get] Beatrice Anywar, because I would go to address the Parliament and the Opposition will be seated here and the NRM be there… and then the Opposition will be abusing me but when I looked at them I realised one (Ms Anywar) looks reasonable,” Mr Museveni said.


  • FDC leaders say NRM dangles both the carrot and stick.
  • Carrots come in the form of job offers or cash, while the sticks include blocking access to jobs or businesses.
  • The list of those who are working with it or have worked with it and been dropped continues to grow

Ms Anywar is the latest statistical entry on a very long spreadsheet of people who have been lured from the Opposition over the last 32 years.
Of course there have been debacles such the events of September 14, 2001 when Mr Museveni named Mr Badru Wegulo a special presidential advisor on politics only for the then member of the Presidential Policy Commission (PPC) of the Opposition UPC to turn down the appointment with “the utmost contempt it deserves”.

That was quite humiliating, but 10 years later, Mr Wegulo, along with Mr Henry Mayega and former Government Chief Whip, Mr Osinde Wangor, were at the launch of the NRM’s 2011-2015 manifesto. Mr Museveni declared that he had hooked some “big fish”.
Mr Wegulo, who had earlier declared that he had been “at the forefront, as a leader in the UPC, of opposing the 16 years of terror, misrule, corruption, plunder, dictatorship, and genocide perpetuated by Museveni’s regime,” was at hand to appeal to Ugandans to hand Mr Museveni another term if they wanted “peace, security, harmony and prosperity”.
Despite a few such glitches, Mr Museveni has largely been successful in what appears to be a long term mission to decimate the Opposition which he views as “useless”.

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