Like Father like Son: Anselm Besigye in US protest against Police brutality

By DailyNews Correspondent

True to form, he is son to the man. Anselm Kizza Besigye, the son to Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) party strongman is part of a group advocating for the rights of black students at Harvard university.

Following the brutal arrest of a black student at the university where Anselm, 21, is a freshman, the former FDC president’s son joined other students in a protest to condemn the brutal arrest.

According to the Havard Crimson, a black Harvard College student was arrested Friday night after a physical confrontation with law enforcement for charges including indecent exposure, disorderly conduct, assault, and resisting arrest, citing information posted Saturday by the Cambridge Police Department.

The arrest raised concern among black students with the Harvard Black Law Students Association condemning the arrest while the rest of the black community including Anselm Besigye gathered at multiple events held across campus to talk through the incident and to share their concern and support for one another.

When given an opportunity to speak, Anselm said he is helping organise undergraduates’ collective response to the arrest.

Charles Onyango-Obbo


 Anselm Kizza-Besigye @akbesigye is just a freshman at Harvard, but is organising protests after cops violently arrest black student on campus. Wowe, @kizzabesigye1 and @Winnie_Byanyima have exported revolution to America! 

Besigye’s son tasked the university to do more in protecting students, condemning the administration of the university for what he termed as ‘acute failure’.

“As I’ve learned more about what’s happened, it’s just become more obvious to me that there is an acute and systematic failure on almost every level of administration to secure black lives on this campus,” he said.

“When we talk about how the Cambridge Police Department responded to a medical emergency on a campus, that is absurd and it’s indicative of a much larger issue in which people don’t understand the implications of calling the Cambridge Police in a non-threatening situation,” Anselm added as quoted by the Harvard Crimson.

Anselm has since his admission to Harvard University been involved in a series of events that spell activism.

He recently joined the Israeli Apartheid week set this month under the theme; Your silence will not protect you.

Anselm is the son to former presidential contender Kiiza Besigye, who himself has been the front of protests for the rights of Ugandans and against poor administration.


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