Kyambogo University Finalist Who was Shot During #FreeBobiWine Protests Dies

By Our Correspondent

DailyNewsUG |Kyambogo|

Ayebazibwe Rachael, a Kyambogo University finalist who has been awaiting her graduation in December this year did not live to envisage this day as she passed on Saturday evening.

It is alleged that the deceased was nursing a wound which she acquired when she was accidentally shot dead by the police in Kampala city as they tried to disperse protesters linked to the Free Bobi Wine campaign.

In a statement released by Hon. Aribarema Rodgers, the Guild information minister of Kyambogo University, Ayebazibwe who was pursuing a Bachelor of Microfinance was reportedly wounded on the head by a stray bullet on Wednesday as she was heading from town to Banda to deliver her report to her supervisor.

When the bullet hit her, she lost consciousnesses which prompted good Samaritans to rush her to Victoria hospital where she was put under Intensive Care Unit.

She lost the battle for her life on Saturday evening when the situation got out of hand.

Friends and former classmates have since taken to social media to moan the death of Recheal writing about her as a girl who was humble, God loving and one that will always be missed in their circles.

Speaking to Amanya German yesterday evening, the Kyambogo University guild president told DailyNewsUG that he knew Racheal personally and news of her death left him deeply hurt.

” I’m so hurt. The night I won the elections, we were at Nanziri grounds where we had our victory dance that late night. This lady came to me and was so happy. She told me “German, come and I give you a congratulations dance… I will never forget that moment. We were planning to visit her on Monday but sadly, this has not been possible” – A visibly broken German told this website.

The Guild president also condemned the acts of security organs using ammunitions to kill their own citizens instead of protecting them.

Rechael Ayebazibwe celebrated her birthday only two weeks (August 6) before she made her death.

Rest in perfect peace, Rachael Ayebazibwe.

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