Kirumira show-up for Judgment by force-Police Disciplinary Court

By DailyNews Correspondent

  • There was a scrappy show at the Police Disciplinary Court on Tuesday morning when former Old Kampala and Buyende DPC ASP Muhammad Kirumira forcefully opened the entrance to the court premises for journalists to attend.
  • Earlier, the Media had been barred from accessing the premises but when Kirumira arrived, he forcefully opened the entrance before inviting journalists to enter. “Who are you to give an order that the proceedings are not covered by the media,”Kirumira raged. “This case should be decided with full glare of cameras.”
  • Kirumira described himself as the new breed of policeman who is ready to fight for rights of everyone including journalists and fellow police officers. He would later walk out of the court saying he would not take part in proceedings by a kangaroo court.

    The police disciplinary court is set to force former Buyende and Old Kampala District Police Commander, ASP Muhammad Kirumira appear for his judgment.

    On Tuesday, drama ensued at the court in Naguru when Kirumira walked out on the court for stopping journalists from attending the proceedings as the panel prepared to give their judgment in the case.

    However, according to police spokesperson Emilian Kayima , the court will formally write to have Kirumira produced in court by Assistant Commissioner of Police Sam Omara.

    “The court shall summon him through his surety (Omara) to appear on a date that will be determined,”Kayima said.

    Kirumira had earlier refused to enter the court saying he could not be party to proceedings in a ‘kangaroo’ court that does not allow the public to attend proceedings.

    The maverick police officer said that like in the past era of the police led by Gen.Kale Kayirua,there are certain individuals he referred to as weevils who take the force as their personal property and are determined to violate human rights.

    “Where is Kayihura who used to give orders to have me arrested? I am a new breed of policeman who wants to change things in the police force and also fight for rights of others and not suppressing them,”Kirumira said.

    “We have changed the police administration and no one should intimidate journalists. Every time you call them for your(police) press briefings but why do you want to show them only the positives and not the bad side?”

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