Is beauty related to talent?

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Is beauty related to talent?

Big Boobs! Big Nyash! Thunder Thighs! Curvy Bodies!

A long time ago, there was a time when actual talent was required to be famous. That was lifetimes ago—before the internet. Now, it’s ALL about industry hype, sex appeal and image which explains the overall decline of society. East Africa’s No.1 Zari Hussein, Kim Kardashian and all their ilk are the latest products of a star system deeply tied to Western patriarchy. In a society that treats women first and foremost as bodies; the rise of someone like Zari, Hudda Monroe, Vera Sidika to prominence should surprise no one.

When people see someone they admire they will automatically look for things that confirm that this person is indeed great and neglect all information which does not fit, such as this person’s flaws. Beautiful ladies or handsome men are usually so stunning that people tend to focus on any little talent that they have to confirm why they adore them.
… and yet studies show there’s no significant difference in intelligence or talent in beautiful v/s homely people.

If anything, African-Social-Media-Smart-Phone-mass-society has grown increasingly comfortable with defining a woman primarily in terms of her sexual appeal. Please meet Kenya’s finest below

Reverend Natasha……

The body of Christ received a gift from God when Reverand Lucy Natasha was born. She is an Oracle of God, an apostle of grace, a passionate revivalist and a prophet of hope.  A courageous missionary to the nations, an ambassador of Christ and a great Kenyan patriot. Whether there are other Deacons, Hot Reverends and Pastors, it does not matter. For now, when talking of the beautiful Woman of God, the name is Natasha. Lucy Natasha Int. Ministries, who has impressed everyone not only with her messages and sermons but also her undeniably stunning beauty and fashionable style. Who said that gospel ministers should not look fashionable, rock latest trends, be swagged and styled up? Talk of dress-code being on point and you will have fully described Reverend Natasha who seems to have that creative eye when is comes to what she wears and how hot she looks. Below are some of her photos.

 Msalame Grace times when Grace Msalame really turned heads (Photos)9 times when Grace Msalame really turned heads (Photos)

Her curvy hips are Kenya’s  fixation. Contrary to what many see, when growing up, Grace Msalame was the opposite of what she is now. But now with two kids, Msalame has grown into a strong woman and has also evolved career wise. A Big fan donated her a brand new BMWX5.  Radio Africa group’s Grace Msalame has grown to become one of the most successful ladies in the Kenyan media industry. Her beauty, fashion sense and awesome personality have given her an edge in the rather competitive media business. The mother of two who works at Kiss TV started her career when she was just 19 years after her higher education. Below are some photos when Musalame not only looked like a fashion goddess but also a true role model who can showcase her body without stretching it to extremes. Grace Msalame, born in 1986, is a bubbly, intelligent and fashionable TV personality



Maureen Kunga

She is a fantastic Singer and a great Lawyer. She is a what? A Lawyer but no one really cares. Its all about her Beauty and principally her Boobs.


Sanaipei Tande


Her music career may be in on and off in recent times but she will always dominate the lists of the best thighs in the showbiz industry. She also tends to know this as her performances prove and her Mfalme wa Amani video attests. Natasha Sanaipei Tande (born 22 March 1985),[1] professionally known as Sana, is a Kenyan singer, songwriter, karaoke host, radio personality and entertainer. Born and raised in Mombasa and later on in Ngong, she gained prominence after winning the 2004 East Africa Coca Cola Popstars Talent Search together with two other band mates. Thereafter she had a short stint at Capital FM. In 2007 she joined Kiss 100 and thereafter  Nation FM), where her daily mid-morning show garnered the station’s highest listenership EVER!



Lindah Okello

Easily the most famous cop in the nation not even the IG rivals her popularity. Reason , a voluptuous behind, subjects to thousands of memes, Kenya police uniform policy, debates and unending admiration. She became known as the big ‘assed’ cop/ the cop who rose to prominence thanks to her ass etc.



Linda Oguttu


Long before Grace Msalame and Kamene Goro took the hips and behinds game a notch higher. There was Linda Ogutu and hers was a total monopoly. Even these new anchors were introduced with titles like, ‘Forget about Lindah Oguttu Meet The New Curvy so and so. She still remains known for her hips and ass more than her career path.



Lulu Hassan

Lullu Hassan (R) and Kanze Dena (L).

Hers is the first name to the question ‘do you know the beautiful Swahili news anchor?’ you do not need to mention the media house or time or anything else. Given the fact that just about all female Swahili anchors are beautiful, it says a lot of her beauty for her to exclusively own that reputation.




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