I was “set up” – SK Mbuga

Today City businessman Suleiman Kabangala known to many as SK Mbuga has spent 75 days behind bars in Dubai. This came after a case was reported in a Swedish police that SK Mbuga and his socialite Vivienne conned a Swedish businessman of Shs23b. Mbuga, who was in Dubai, was arrested by Interpol under orders from the Swedish police.

Mbuga until earlier this week has been unreachable and there were rumors that the businessman was sick and in critical condition at Awir Central Jail in Dubai.

With the help of SK Mbuga’s young brother Adbadallah Mbuga who contacts him directly at designated hours, access has been made to him and he has managed to talk and surprisingly he is very healthy and fine. “I am not sick. It is the same ‘mafias’ who framed me to go to jail who are putting out stories about me,” Mbuga said.

The ‘mafias’, whose names Mbuga refused to mention, are apparently Ugandans trying to play smart and steal his money and property while he is in jail. Mbuga said it started when they got to know that he deposited about Shs23b. “The money was meant to buy a building in Sweden but when the mafias got to know about the money, they conspired with Sten Heinsoo, a Swedish businessman who is Vivienne’s former boyfriend,” Mbuga said, adding that when he was jailed, Heinsoo was told to go and present evidence that the money he claimed to have stolen belonged to him but he failed to show up.

Apparently, Ministry of Justice signed for Mbuga’s release after 50 days in jail but he renewed his stay in jail fearing for his life, and will only leave when the ‘mafias’ are arrested. He says his businesses are running smoothly and he has in fact added a new ride worth Shs1.3b to his collection. The ride, which reportedly cost Mbuga more than Shs250m, will bear the number plates NO.1 SK.

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