I decided to retain my Internship – Student Intern Lebson Nasasira

Lebson Nasasiira is a Marketing finalist at MUBS who did his internship at Africell Uganda. He shares some of the reasons why he was selected among the few to start part-timing at the telecom giant headquarters.

I filled in my Intern Log book daily. Do you fill in that log book daily or you wait for that week when the supervisor is coming to fill it up?

“Even if you come late and you are scolded, please write that up because it’s the beginning of the learning process which helps you to refine your mistakes and be encouraged by your achievements too.”

I didn’t go beyond the guidelines. Most of us tend to forget the human resource guidelines given at our intern places after getting used to the staff. Knowing your limits doesn’t mean you shouldn’t cultivate friendly relationships with the staff but know where to draw the line between you (subject) and them (masters).

I always hit my goals. Do the rest of you even have internship goals or you are just doing it for academics’ sake?

They always gave us weekly and monthly targets which my fellow interns took for granted. No matter how hard they were, I always treated them importantly, executed them and requested for feedback.

I used the right communication channels. If you are keen during internship orientation, you are always briefed on who to report to about different issues. But then what do we as interns do to the contrary of these guidelines?

“Most of my fellow interns used to jump straight up to the bosses when they encountered issues. This meant that they would jump the assistants who would in turn refuse to recommend them to stay” _Lebson

So interns check your mode of communication incase you want to start building a stronger career.

I used an email always. Just in relation to communication, which forum do you use to talk to the seniors during and after internship?

“Most interns make one mistake. They take internship connections and befriend them to the extent of WhatsApping to ask if they can be retained. What I did instead, I sent an email because I knew that whatsapp chats can be cleared or the messages not read or taken for granted” –Lebson

I sent in my CV a few days before my Internship contract expired. To you reading, do you even have a CV?

“I sent in my CV to open up my opportunities because I knew my abilities were visible to them and incase they wanted to connect me any where, they would definitely want my CV” –Lebson

That’s how a customer service and sales intern was called back as a Data Entry Clerk.

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