Government to handover Makerere University to the Army-Opondo

By DailyNews Correspondent 

The Government spokesperson and Uganda Media Centre Boss, Ofwono Opondo has called for order at Makerere University amidst strikes from students and reports of sexual harassment saying the University will be put under the army’s control if the situation persists.

In his response to journalists about the issues at Uganda’s oldest institution, Makerere University, The Media Centre executive director said Government has provided just enough time for the University to sort its ‘mess’ and they can’t it to fail when the army is available and capable of taking over the administration.


” We can not allow Makerere to fail when we have professors in the army. The government has given Makerere enough time to sort their mess.”

He added that the un ending student strikes need to be curbed as this puts the University’s credibility under scrutiny and the administration needs to find a quick solution.

This follows a two day strike that saw a number of students being arrested amidst firing of teargas canisters and live bullets in the air.

The students among the many issues where striking against the hike in tuition fees which they regarded unfair.

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