City Brand Ambassador Dibo Brown Unveils new Uganda Waragi pineapple flavour

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By DailyNewsUg Entertainment Correspondent

DAILYNEWS UG (Kampala) If you are a Social media die hard and a Facebook troll at that, then you must have come across one hilarious & witty individual called Mr. Dibo Nakuzambwa Brown wildly popular for ingenious, inventive and clever posts.

If not, then you probably know him as DJ Dibo who is part of the deejay group, Almost Famous DJz UG.

If not then you have walked into his day job office at a top Public Sector Enterprise where is a Senior Government Executive and a completely different animal than the one you know from Social Media.

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Above: Dibo Brown at the Office

Dibo seems to have been driven to deejaying not only by his love for music, but also his love for parties and entertaining crowds. Well last week, social media was awash with an image of a new Uganda Waragi flavor, Pineapple.

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Above: Dibo Brown with a yet to be seen Uganda Waragi Pineapple

Speculation went wild with many assuming that following the huge success of Uganda Waragi Coconut, or Coco as it is usually referred to, Uganda Breweries had decided to venture into new flavors.

Last weekend, Dibo posted a picture of the bottle with the caption “It’s time for the vows….” He seems to be one of the few who have already sampled the product, leaving us wondering whether he could have scooped a deal as a brand ambassador.

Dibo principally embodies a wide range of activities and disciplines that promote and sell a product for example Uganda Waragi Coconut. He has wildly driven patronage for Uganda Waragi Coconut via thousands of his followers.

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Above: Dibo’s organised programs 

Dibo is a very bright and intelligent individual who went to a top Ugandan Ivy League School St. Marys College Kisubi, was a student of Bio Chemistry at University and possesses a rich Postgraduate array of professional qualifications.

As Dibo was seen debuting Uganda Waragi Pine apple, he said “the product blends the flavors and distilling processes of Uganda Waragi with Pineapple”.

Dibo claims the liquor represents the “first quality blend of different distillates to hit the market.”

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Above: Dibo & Clients in the wild

The result of Uganda Waragi pineapple is a result of the mixture is a “smooth, full flavor with a touch of pineapple sweetness that you can only find with Uganda Waragi – perfect for sipping,” Dobo said.

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Above: Dibo organizes Trips and Weekend get aways such as this one above at Nyiragongo. Mount Nyiragongo is an active strato-volcano with an elevation of 3,470 metres (11,380 ft) in the Virunga Mountains associated with the Albertine Rift. It is located inside Virunga National Park, in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, about 20 km (12 mi) north of the town of Goma and Lake Kivu and just west of the border with Rwanda. Dibo is a go-to-guy for such Trips.

Meanwhile the folks at Uganda Breweries remained tight-lipped as to whether these rumors were true. We can officially confirm that UG Pineapple has hit the shelves of many outlets and the leak seems to have come from the product’s market testing. Could the leak have prompted the brewery to release the product? Your guess is as good as ours.

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Above: Dibo says: How to get your essential vitamins on before the drinking gong goes off at the #CoCoPopUpBeach. Vitamin Bread, Vitamins S, Vitamin Coffee, Vitamin Knife, Vitamin whatever the stuff is in the Jar.

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Above: Dibo and his crew in Fortportal 

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Above: Dibo and his Clients taking a dip into a crater lake

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