Catherine Kusasira rubbishes Sheebah as a “Lousy” singer

DAILYNEWS UG Many Artistes have come for Sheebah and her singing claiming she is not good at all. The latest is Catherine Kusaasira who has been in the industry for long as part of Eagles Band.

In an interview Kusasira said “Sheebah is not a singer. She is helped by good beats on the song but she doesn’t know how to sing.  She can’t handle live band, she is just basically on the form. She can’t buy class”.

Kato lubwama also once said she can’t sing music that lasts.


Well for those of us who support Sheeba, we say she is the G. O. A. T and she will go a long way.

Catherine Kusasira disses Sheebah for being a "Fake" singer

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