Bobi Wine in incognito moves for Kyadondo East MP seat

bibi e

Bobi Wine matching with other officials at the event

As it has been running recently in the media that Omubanda Wa Kabaka aka Bobi Wine  will be running for Kyadondo East Member of parliament seat, one will be forced to believe as soon as you see this.

The rate at which Bobi wine has tight marked the grass root trust me even if it’s Barack Obama from USA running might also lose the race.

Unlike the recent years when the ghetto gladiator continuously talked Gomba county, this time the tune is all about Kyadondo.

“Kyadondo is the only Buganda kingdom county that is very prominent for harbouring the most influential people in the Kingdom” Bobi Wine said in a Luganda statement.

Mpozi kambajjukize nti #Kyadondo lye Ssaza lya Ssabasajja ekkulu oba “CapitalSsaza” era #Buganda bweeba telina #Katikiro, #Kaggo wa Kyadondo yabeera alamula. Kyova olaba nga abakulu abamasaza abalala bonna,emiggo gyebakwata giyitibwa manya malala naye ogwa Kago era guyitibwa Kaggo. Omubala gwe gugamba “Kyaggwe atidde,Kaggo ajja”.Kale nno oyo ye #Kyadondo.

On several occasions, he has also showed his support for the constituency and even been requested by locals to even chair aseries functions in the area something that is earning him fame at a very fast high rate.


Bobi Wine posing with the Kyadondo team

Today Bobi Wine attended the Massaza Cup quarterfinals where he showed a lot of support for the team with the locals following him and posing for endless selfies.

However, though the singer has not yet made an official declaration about his political ambitions, but our reliable sources say that the locals are willing to back him up.

Bobi wine is a close friend to the Forum for Democratic Change former presidential candidate Dr. Kiiza Besigye who among the most popular politicians in Uganda.

Kyadondo East Constituency Member of Parliament seat, which recently became vacant after the High Court in Kampala threw out FDC’s Apollo Kantinti over electoral irregularities in the February 18 elections

bobi wine

Supporters escorting Bobi Wine in Kyadondo


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