Black Tea & a 1 Samosa @ 42,000/= at the Swanky Naguru Skyz Hotel

DAILYNEWS UG He was trying to save on a date, so he ordered for a cup of tea and a beef samosa, but not even that could save his wallet at Naguru Skyz Hotel.

Black tea, according to a receipt issued to him, cost Shs15,000, while one beef samosa cost Shs27,000.

Early this morning, a one Pius Enywaru posted a receipt showing the transaction, on his Facebook wall.

“Samosas that have the beef from Bihogo have been found and they’re 27k!”

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On average a cup of tea goes for about Shs5,000 to Shs8,000 in coffee shops around Kampala. A beef samosa will also cost around the same amount, in a bourgeoisie café.

But of course, normal Buy Uganda, Build Uganda (BUBU) samosas cost Shs500 at most.

And now the Internet is wondering where the Marriott Hotel gets the ingredients for its Samosas.

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Henry Marvelous Matovu said; “The oil they use to fry them might be from Saudi Arabia, so the taxation is high. And their sodaz… You might think it’s not got from namanve.”

Thee Tendo; “These cows must feed on gourmet steam fried herbal mixed fruit grass”

John Ssenkeezi; “I hope this was not a campuser trying to save on a date by asking for tea and a samosa.”

Don Muzaphal Kimbugwe; “That black tea is made out of Kakande’s miracle water.”

We shall let you know when we finally findout the ingredients of these samosas and where they are bought.

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Above: The Investor Patrick Bitature and the High Rollers

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