Alleged Zari Instagram Account Hacker Arrested

DAILY NEWS UG Zari Hassan has for the last few days been battling with her social media accounts that were hacked into. The socialite who is in the country for the Miss Uganda beauty contest that will be held tonight lost control of her social media portfolios.

The hackers went ahead to post old pics of her and Diamond Platnumz as though they were back together, they did not stop at that, they went ahead to post pics of Diamond Platnumz’ current baby mama, Hamisa Mobetto.

All this happened on Aug 6, which was her daughter, Tiffah Dangote’s birthday.

Her investigations landed on Farid, who has always had access to all her social media accounts, it is said that he actually worked very hard in getting the accounts verified.

The mom of five called Farid and asked him to find her in Munyonyo where she was, he used the fastest means to get there, but unfortunately, he was arrested by the cops who were waiting patiently for him.

Farid tried to tell them that he cannot hack into accounts of which he has access to, but they did not buy that.

Having spent two nights under police custody, Jemba Farid Gilbert aka Omo Dada was released on police bond. The police spokesperson, Luke Oweyesigyire confirmed the arrest and said that Farid’s laptop’s and cell phones were confiscated to help with the investigations.

The visibly excited Jemba who was clad in a checkered shirt, black pants and white slippers had this to say;

“We helped someone who you all know, but she instead got me locked up, we are now going to drag her to court, justice has to be served, that is all I can say,” Farid Dada noted shortly after being released from Kabalaga Police Station.

When her accounts got hacked, I was the first one she called to sort out the problem and when I did, this is how she pays me!!

Farid went on to thank all those who have been there for him. He is required to report to police on Friday at 10:00am.

Farid concluded by saying that haters will not win.

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