ALERT: Scammers watching your FB & social media consumer rants

It may seem to yield results but it’s not safe to share customer service complaints on social media. A brush with bank fraud has left a Johannesburg woman feeling “violated and utterly shaken”.

Speaking to TMG Digital on Friday‚ mother and business owner Michelle Damaskinos explained unsettling details of how she was minutes away from becoming a victim of cyber-banking fraud.

On Wednesday‚ shortly after 4pm‚ Damaskinos posted to Nedbank’s Facebook profile sharing her complaints about the bank’s Greenbacks Rewards Programme and the negative experience she had while trying to redeem her points.

Just over three-and-a-half hours later‚ Nedbank responded to her complaint and undertook to address her query the next day.

On Thursday morning‚ Damaskinos received a Facebook friend request from “Nedbank General Enquiries” and – unknown to her at the time – a scammer began communicating with her via Facebook Messenger.

“So I accepted the friend request and thought: ‘Wow‚ a novel approach actually setting themselves up as a personal identity.’ I didn’t for a moment think anything of it.

“They came through very efficient stating that they just wanted to find out if any of the Nedbank consultants had been in touch with me‚” Damaskinos said.

The scammer then informed her that they needed to ask her a couple of “security questions”.

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