AGNES MASOGANGE died of HIV related Complications

Your friend AGNES MASOGANGE died of HIV, Gucci bags comes at a price, Socialite CORAZON KWAMBOKA warns.

Popular Kisii socialite, Corazon Kwamboka, mourned her close friend, Agnes Masogange, the curvy Tanzanian socialite who died at the age of 28. Although there has been a lot of controversies surrounding the death of Agnes, this Tanzanian man who claims to live next to the hospital.

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Corazon posted a photo hanging out with the late Agnes Masogange and captioned it,


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‘Aggggyyyy jamani! ; I wish I saw you more often, I wish I held you often, I wish I could see you again. Rest In Peace my aggy’.

And then this Tanzanian man responded to Corazon’s post claiming that her friend died of Ukimwi and warned her saying,

‘HIV complications. The same way all socialites pass on.

 HIV. Complications. Shes been on ARVs for long its not a secret well it wasnt well hidden.

 And she was in a government hospital so you cant hide your condition for very long.

Socialites beware.

 Gucci bags and first class tickets come at a price

 Asthma Psshhh No One Dies Of Asthma and needs 3 weeks admission to a hospital. If your asthamtic attack is very severe it kills you there and then.

 It was HIV related complications.


The secret was known for a while that Masogange was on ARVs. She got a resistant pneumonia called PCP that is only seen in HIV and its pathognomic of the illness.

She developed respiratory failure and shutdown at 4pm. We are from nearby the Hospital and all the knews finds us here especially of the Masogange type of news.

Agnes Masogange

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RIP Masogange Agnes.

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