AFANDE KIRUMIRA “THE MAN” SLOWLY UNRAVELING: 25+ Children, Mistresses & more Pregnant Women all lining up

By Our Correspondent


The former Buyende District Police Commander, was gunned down in cold blood on Saturday 8th September 2018. He was in the Car with Resty Nalinya at the time of the assassination. The two were snuffed out by runaway gunmen in Bulenga on Saturday at about 9:00 local time near Kirumira’s home. They were pronounced dead at Rubaga Hospital in Kampala, before their bodies were taken to Mulago for autopsy.

Kirumira was was lowered into his grave at around 5:40pm local time on Sunday 9th Sept 2018  amid chants from the thick crowd. Thousands of mourners showed up at Mpambire in Mpigi district, where the slain Police officer was laid to rest.

Miss Restly Nalinya was buried on Monday 10th in Mpenja, Gomba district.

However, while all this was happening there was a behind-the-counter drama brewing slowly.

Well, its public knowledge that Kirumira had “ONLY” four (4) children with his official wife, Mariam Kirumira but that deosnt seem to be what it seems.

Behind the Tough Guy and Vocal Personae, it seems Afande Kirumira was a hard core Mr. Lover Man to the bone and Mr. Seduction  himself at best.

As soon as Kirumira was buried, eight (8) children from eight (8) mistresses were presented to his Father Hajj Abubaker Kawooya.

Hajji Kawooya was further alarmed that some other pregnant women too claimed to be carrying his grandchildren.

Shout-Out-to-Mistresses Made

Mzee Abubaker has welcomed all the apparent Kirumira children and asked other mistresses who claim to have sired children with the late to present them.

He has said that his Family would take care of them.

After the shout-out was made, a migration and arrival of a variety of women and children started as Women started coming out during the grieving period to present children to the family.

Current number of Children now 2o+ and still counting….. 

By Press-time

  • 25 children were assembled
  • Pregnant mistresses lined-up

Tentative Conclusion

The Late Afande Kirumira’s Father Hajj Abubaker Kawooya after seeing enough of the drama unravel, announced that “Bulk-DNA Tests” shall be implemented.

He also even encouraged any other Women out there to come forward.

“We plan to have DNA tests after Dhuwa(prayers after 40 days from date of death) on October 21 because all of them (mistresses) will attend. The tests will done on October 22”, Mzee Kawooya stated.




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